• name
  • Youtubers Life 2
  • file size
  • 1 GB
  • version
  • 1.3.3
  • price
  • $6.99 Free
  • publisher
  • Raiser Games
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 9 and up


Youtubers Life 2 is a game that simulates the busy life of famous Youtubers. Following your character into the bustling and colorful modern city of NewTube, you will witness the ups and downs of their career.

About Youtubers Life 2

Youtubers Life 2 is a life simulation game where players can experience the ups and downs of being a YouTuber. The game is developed by U-Play Online and is available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and iOS.


The game starts with players creating their own character who aspires to become a YouTuber. They can customize their character’s appearance, including their hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. Then, they select the content niche for their channel, such as gaming, cooking, beauty, music, and more.

Once players have chosen their niche, they can start creating content for their channel. They have to manage their channel’s growth by gaining subscribers, increasing their views, and earning money through advertising revenue and sponsorships. The game features a day and night cycle, and players must balance their work with their social life, friendships, and health.

Players can attend events, collaborate with other YouTubers, and participate in challenges to increase their channel’s popularity. They can also manage their channel’s merchandise store, attend press events, and manage collaborations with other YouTubers.

Youtubers Life 2 has various mini-games that players can play to earn extra money, such as making their own games, cooking, and playing guitar. The game also has an education system that allows players to attend courses and learn new skills that will help them create better content and grow their channel.


Youtubers Life 2 offers a multiplayer mode where players can collaborate and compete with each other. They can create content together, participate in challenges, or compete for the highest views and subscribers.


The game features a wide range of customization options, allowing players to create their own logos, banners, and profile pictures for their channel. They can also customize their house, car, and studio, giving their character a unique style.

Graphics and Sound

The game features high-quality graphics with detailed animations and environments. The sound design is also excellent, with immersive sound effects and a fantastic soundtrack that complements the gameplay.


Youtubers Life 2 is an excellent simulation game that offers an immersive experience of the life of a YouTuber. The game features a wide range of customization options, mini-games, and a multiplayer mode that offers players an opportunity to collaborate and compete with each other. With its detailed gameplay mechanics, high-quality graphics, and excellent sound design, Youtubers Life 2 is an engaging and entertaining game that is sure to keep players hooked for hours.

MOD APK version of Youtubers Life 2

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money