- filtering networks by bands
- reworked scanning algorithm
- a lot of GUI improvements
- bug fixes

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Manage all your Wifi connections on your Android device safely and effectively with WiFi Monitor Pro!

What is WiFi Monitor Pro?

Did you know that monitoring network bandwidth is essential? It helps users understand what is happening within their network. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor network bandwidth regularly to detect abnormalities as soon as possible.

One of the solutions to help you do this is WiFi Monitor Pro: analyzer of WiFi networks. It is a powerful and useful tool that monitors WiFi parameters, such as signal strength, frequency, connection speed, etc. It also helps you to analyze and monitoring using WiFi. You can also use this app as a professional scanner and discover devices currently connected to your WLAN.

What can WiFi Monitor Pro do?

WiFi Monitor Pro is a great tool to help you easily scan for WiFi networks for devices. This application was created to monitor and provide you with information about all the systems you can connect to and help you determine the basic parameters and their capacity.

This application is especially useful for smartphone users who always need to connect online anywhere and anytime. Only by using this application, you can easily find a network and connect to the Internet whenever you like.

This application allows you to monitor the current Wi-FiFi network status and check the list of available Wi-FiFi networks and its parameters. It also displays signal strength graphs for nearby networks and shows current WiFi connection speed graphs.

Tabs and charts are divided on an easy to use interface.

Once the download is complete, you can open the app and enjoy all the utilities it brings right away. In the application’s main interface, you will see divided tabs of four tabs: Connection, Network, Power, and Speed. You can select these tabs by swiping or clicking the tab title.

The “Connect” tab

It assists you in tracking WiFi access points and information about it, such as name (SSID), identifier (BSSID), router manufacturer, the signal strength of the router, connection speed, frequency, and channel number, MAC address and IP address of the device smart and much more. So you will closely follow the information that these WiFi access points bring. You can also easily control this information.

The “Channels” tab

It will let you know the frequency and display hot spot signal level, depending on the frequency of WiFi. It also shows you which routers to use with the same frequency provide poor quality of WiFi connection.

The “Networks” tab

It helps you to analyze all possible WiFi networks according to the following types of parameters: device manufacturer, type, security protocol, and signal level where access points with similar names (SSIDs) are grouped. So, it doesn’t take you a long time to find these section as you can see them through a group.

The “Speed” chart

It will give you information about the amount of data transmitted and received in the actual state in the connected network. This data will help you analyze the use of a hot spot and know how to control them. You can look at this tab to change the WiFi to have a smoother and faster experience. Especially, when you are enjoying a game that requires a good connection. So, this app will provide you these speed charts and try to help you find an excellent WiFi to connect without lag.

The “Strenght” chart

It will help users compare the power received by connected WiFi hotspots and track their movement levels. If you are observing hard, you will find that the wireless connection’s quality is possible when the router’s signal strength is high.

Scanning section

Another extraordinary function of this application is the “Scan” section. It helps you find connected WiFi devices and gives you information about the device’s parameters. It enables you to determine the data and its speed for a better online experience. During the scan, if your scanner shows different devices in your WLAN, try to block them in the router settings because these devices can harm your WiFi transmitter.

The data collected from this application can be saved to a log file and exported to other applications as needed. This app also does not contain ads as your experience session.