Waze – GPS, MAPs, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation is a smart traffic alert and direction tool with convenient features. Users will receive notifications about traffic, roads, and accidents to avoid them.

What's New

Saving time & avoiding traffic is even easier with this update:

Fixed a bug that makes sure photos are cropped correctly when adding them to a place.

MOD APK version of Waze

MOD features

Decensored Waze version with the following improvements compared to the official version:
– display of the exact location of fixed or mobile speed cameras.
– enlarged speed limit sign for more readability
– Radar sound alert whatever the speed (only in case of speeding with the official version)
– personalized card skin with black background to save battery and improve readability
– Choice of new voices compared to the official version
– Vanessa (unmodified),
– Morgan (Cars voice is pretty cool), if you prefer Morgan’s real voice, delete the folder in waze / sound / french
– Svenska (French voice, sound boosted),
– Srpski (star wars voice the 1st voice after the English voices).
– transparent gray signal button (instead of a solid orange circle in the official version) for more map readability and to avoid the “burn” effect on the AMOLED screen
– possibility to report bad or no limitation by clicking on the speedometer then choose “report” (option absent in official version)
– announcement distance of the modified controls compared to the official version:
– highway at 1500 m
– Fast lanes at 1200 m
– Roads at 1000 m

NB; distance configurable in the “Preferences” file by adjusting these 2 lines:
Alerts.Alert Distanc_: 1000
Alerts.Police Alert Distac_: 1000

Speed ​​camera warnings have been officially banned in France since January 2012, their use is punishable by a fine of 1,500 euros and a withdrawal of 6 points on the driving license.

By installing this version, you remain responsible for its use.
Namely in France according to the law still in force to this day: The police do not have the right to search your smartphone.

Waze APK is a navigation app that shows visitors on the display screen.


A fantastic visitors social community with highly effective instructions from Google VOV is now obtainable for Android.

The distinction and uniqueness of Waze in comparison with dozens of different GPS functions obtainable

Have you ever ever listened to the VOV visitors channel? I’ve had just a few occasions when being on lengthy automobile rides. For drivers touring on the street, it is a lifesaver and even way more than that. Though there are too many GPS navigation functions on the telephone or linked to the automobile display screen, it’s actually troublesome to infer a variety of info or open your eyes huge to see every level one after the other whereas driving. If there’s a navigation app that’s as intuitive and vivid as VOV, that will be nice.

Waze is the one app that does this, at the very least for now.

Core worth ​​is at all times maintained and finished outstandingly effectively

After all, along with the above benefits, Waze remains to be a GPS navigation software. In addition to comparable apps, Waze has the next helpful insights:

  • Detailed maps on all roads: It takes nice benefit of Google maps. The precise and particular particulars you may have skilled on Google maps are precisely the identical on Waze.
  • AR navigation Options: The instructions are extremely correct, and also you simply must enter the vacation spot handle and comply with the directions.
  • The voice is mild, simple to hearken to, not too gradual, not too quick, not interrupted.
  • There’s additionally a characteristic to report the situation wherein the police watch the velocity that will help you make cheap changes to the velocity.

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