* Allow customising max columns for shortcuts.
* Bug fixes.

* UI animation improvements.
* Panel performance optimisations.
* Make merge icons & merge labels independent.
* Re-design merged vertical sliders.
* Re-write panel item spacing logic.
* Add gradient slider colours.
* Add gradient border colours.
* Hungarian translation - Thanks Istvan Krisko.
* Block outside touches in sort dialogs.
* Adjust icon padding with borders.
* Colour picker corrections.
* Layout adjustments.

What’s the difference between Pro version and free version?

It has so many differences between the Pro and Free version. This app is available in 2 different versions on the Play Store. One is free and the other is paid. Volume Control Panel Pro is a premium version that offers a lot of options that are hidden in the free version. Besides, the ads have also been completely removed in the Pro version. Currently, Volume Control Panel Pro cost users $ 1.99 on Play Store. However, if you are not ready to pay for this, we bring you the APK file of the app so you can use this app for free without any limitations.

– Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
– Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

Volume Control Panel Pro brings audio controls on Android 9 to other devices that are running an older OS. At the moment, the Pro version of the app is available on our blog. Readers can download and install it for free now.

What is Volume Control Panel Pro?

Volume Control Panel Pro is a small but extremely useful tool for every Android device. It can replace the default volume control on Android devices to bring more options when users can click the volume up or down button.

At the moment, the default volume control panel on Android devices running old OS has too few options. When you press the volume up or down button, all audio options in the device are changed, such as multimedia sound, alarm sound, etc. This causes a lot of discomfort for users. With Volume Control Panel Pro, this problem has been completely solved. The app allows users to intervene and change the volume deeper. Now, you can easily set the sound levels for the system or each application in the device

Some notes before starting

So far, we have got a lot of questions from users that they have successfully installed Volume Control Panel Pro but the default driver has not changed. In fact, after installing and opening the application, you need to make some settings for this application to work. Once you open the app, you will see the Launch Option section displayed. There are three small options, including Volume Button Override, Launcher Shortcut, Swipe Up/Down Trigger. Also, users should enable all of them to ensure everything works perfectly. To do this, you simply touch the icons. Then, the app will ask for the necessary permissions. At this point, you should accept them all.

Note: On some devices, there is a warning about energy optimization issues when using the application. This option will freeze background apps to save battery. You need to add Volume Control Panel Pro to the exception list when running the power optimization. Don’t worry, this app will run in the background even if you exit the app, but it doesn’t drain your device at all.

The key features of the application

Available templates: This application will change the way the volume manager on your device works and displays. Besides, it has 7 different designs available for the panel that you can choose from. Also, users can choose from flat designs or whatever style they like.

Customize the buttons: Users can customize the way the control panel appears when they press the volume buttons. If you don’t want the panel to show on the left side, you can turn it to the right or up. Also, Volume Control Panel Pro has a smart option, allowing the control panel to not display when you are playing games or watching movies. So, it will not interrupt your entertainment experience. Moreover, you can enable it if you want. Besides, there are also full options that allow you to change the color, size and transparency of the sliders.

Add Shortcut on the sliders: When activating the control panel, all audio options will display on the screen. They are System sounds, media sounds, and alarm sounds. Besides dragging to increase or decrease the volume level in each option, you can set the corresponding shortcut. For example, a shortcut is available and allows you to access and set an instant alarm when you press the volume change buttons.

Many other customizations: Volume Control Panel Pro allows users to intervene more to completely master the volume control system on Android devices. At this point, you can add shortcuts to the home screen, add exception applications, change the size and color of the sliders, and many other options. However, some options are only available in the PRO version of the app.