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  • Android 6.0


VIMAGE is a cinemagraph creator app that lets you animate your image and add hundreds of moving photo effects, presets, filters, and overlays onto your photos and turn them into creative living pictures or GIFs. Our photo editor lets you share your art with your friends and other VIMAGE creatives. Get instant exposure with your animation,not only for photographers and experts!


VIMAGE is a creative and dynamic photo and video editing app developed by vimage. With VIMAGE, users can bring their photos to life by adding animated effects and elements, transforming static images into captivating visual stories. This app empowers users to unleash their creativity and create eye-catching content for social media, personal projects, or storytelling.

Dynamic Effects

VIMAGE offers a wide range of dynamic effects and animations that can be applied to photos and images. These effects include elements like clouds, smoke, flames, water, and many more.

Animation Control

Users have control over the animation of added elements. They can adjust the speed, direction, and intensity of the animations to achieve the desired visual effect.

Still Images to Life

With VIMAGE, static photos can be brought to life by adding movement to specific areas. For example, users can make water ripple in a lake, create a flickering candle, or make leaves rustle in the wind.

Photo Filters

The app may include a selection of filters and color adjustments that users can apply to their images to enhance their overall appearance and mood.

Overlay Layers

Users can often add multiple elements to a single image by layering animations and effects. This allows for complex and visually stunning creations.

Masking and Erasing

VIMAGE typically includes masking tools that enable users to apply animations to specific areas of an image while keeping other parts untouched. This level of control enhances the creative possibilities.

Text and Typography

Users can often add text and typography to their images, allowing them to tell a story or convey a message alongside animations.

Custom Presets

Some versions of the app allow users to create and save custom presets, making it easy to apply specific effects and animations consistently across multiple images.

High-Resolution Output

VIMAGE typically supports high-resolution output, ensuring that edited images and videos maintain their quality when shared or exported.

Social Sharing

The app is often equipped with built-in sharing features that enable users to directly share their creations on popular social media platforms or messaging apps.

User Community

Some versions of VIMAGE include a user community where users can share their creations, get inspiration from others, and connect with fellow creators.

User Experience

VIMAGE is designed to provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience, allowing users to easily bring their photos to life with animated effects. Its creative features and customization options aim to make photo and video editing accessible to users of all skill levels.


VIMAGE is a fantastic tool for users who want to add a touch of magic and animation to their photos and images. Whether you’re a social media influencer, a content creator, or simply someone who enjoys experimenting with visual effects, VIMAGE empowers you to create eye-catching and dynamic content that stands out. Transform your photos into captivating stories with VIMAGE and share your creativity with the world.

MOD APK version of VIMAGE

MOD feature

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Download VIMAGE APK & MOD for Android

With superior features, VIMAGE is suitable for all ages and purposes. Young people can create unique photos to express their personality to decorate their personal pages on social networks. Artists and photographers again use this app to add depth and vibrancy to their works. Business people can also take advantage of VIMAGE to create impressive advertising photos and attract customers’ attention. All in all, VIMAGE is truly a multi-purpose application that everyone should own!