• name
  • True Skate
  • file size
  • 79 MB
  • version
  • 1.5.65
  • price
  • $1.99 Free
  • publisher
  • True Axis
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 4.1 and up


True Skate is the closest feeling to real-world skateboarding, with a decade long evolution as the ultimate skateboarding sim.

About True Skate

True Skate is a highly realistic and immersive skateboarding simulation game developed by True Axis. This game offers an authentic skateboarding experience right at your fingertips, allowing players to perform tricks, explore skate parks, and perfect their skills in a virtual skateboarding world.

Realistic Skateboarding Physics

True Skate boasts incredibly realistic physics that accurately simulate the movements and mechanics of a skateboard. The game’s physics engine captures the nuances of skateboarding, including board flips, grinds, slides, and realistic interaction with ramps, rails, and other skate park elements.

Intuitive Touch Controls

The game features intuitive touch controls that mimic the feeling of manipulating a skateboard with your fingers. Players can swipe their fingers on the screen to perform various tricks and maneuvers, such as ollies, kickflips, heelflips, grinds, and more. The controls are designed to be responsive and easy to learn, allowing players to focus on their skateboarding skills.

Authentic Skate Parks

True Skate offers a variety of meticulously designed and accurately replicated skate parks inspired by real-world locations. Players can explore these skate parks and discover different obstacles, ramps, rails, and other features that provide endless opportunities for performing tricks and mastering challenging lines.

Trick System and Challenges

The game features a comprehensive trick system that allows players to perform an extensive range of skateboarding tricks. From basic flips and grabs to complex combinations, players can practice and master their skills. Additionally, the game offers a series of challenges and objectives to complete, providing a sense of progression and achievement.

Customization Options: True Skate allows players to personalize their skateboarding experience by customizing their skateboard with a variety of deck designs, grip tape styles, trucks, and wheels. Players can choose from a range of options to create a unique and personalized skateboard that suits their style and preferences.

Global Leaderboards and Replays

The game includes global leaderboards that track players’ scores and rankings in various skate parks and challenges. Players can compete with friends and other players from around the world, striving for the top spot. Additionally, the game offers a replay feature that allows players to watch and share their best skateboarding runs.

Unlockable Content

True Skate offers a progression system where players can unlock new skate parks, challenges, and customization options as they earn in-game currency and accomplish specific objectives. This provides a sense of accomplishment and encourages players to continue exploring and improving their skateboarding skills.

Authentic Audio and Visuals

The game features high-quality graphics that bring the skate parks to life with realistic textures, lighting, and environmental effects. The sound design adds to the immersion, with authentic skateboard sounds, ambient noises, and a soundtrack that captures the spirit of skateboarding culture.

Video Editing and Sharing

True Skate includes a video editor that allows players to capture and edit their skateboarding runs. Players can record their best tricks, adjust camera angles, add effects, and create impressive skateboarding videos to share with friends or on social media platforms.

Continuous Updates and Community

The developers of True Skate provide regular updates, adding new skate parks, features, and improvements based on player feedback. The game also has an active community of players who share their experiences, tips, and custom skate park designs, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among players.

True Skate delivers an authentic and immersive skateboarding experience that appeals to skateboarding enthusiasts and gamers alike. With its realistic physics, intuitive controls, diverse skate parks, trick system, customization options, and online competitions, the game offers endless opportunities for players to explore their creativity, improve their skills, and experience the thrill of skateboarding virtually.

MOD APK version of True Skate

MOD features

MOD v1

  • Unlimited Money

MOD v2

  • Unlimited money
  • All paid content unlocked

  1. Install Lucky Patcher and run it (no root needed, be sure to update it to the latest version after launch);
  2. In the Switches, turn on Google Billing Emulation and Proxy Server to emulate purchases;
  3. Install and run the game;
  4. Go to the in-game store and select the desired product (paid features and skateparks);
  5. If you did everything right, a window will appear asking you to continue the purchase.
  6. Check the Save to restore purchases checkbox and click Yes;
  7. If an error appears, close it and click on the lower right button Restore purchases, then select the desired content and click on Download in the lower right corner.

For hacked purchases to work correctly, be sure to install the latest version of Lucky Patcher!