• name
  • TickTock
  • version
  • 29.0
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  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • TikTok Pte. Ltd.
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  • requires
  • Android 4.1+


TikTok, a video social networking application for young people can be considered the most popular today. Its spread is terrible all over the world, the number of users of this application is probably in the billions. With such a large influence, there is no reason why the company that owns this application does not create additional products to create interesting effects and among them, TickTock is a typical example.

About TickTock

What is TickTock?

TickTock is a follow-up application of TikTok like the TikTok Shop or TikTok Now. At TickTock, you will be able to turn your phone wallpaper into a TikTok wallpaper in an extremely natural and beautiful way. This sounds quite funny, but in fact this application has collected hundreds of millions of downloads on the Google Play store. Let’s find out what’s so special about this app!

How to use TickTock

After downloading and installing the TickTock app, open it up. A beautiful and vibrant interface greets you, allowing you to easily access and enjoy the app’s features. To create a live wallpaper with TickTock, you will need access to the TikTok video library. Click on the TikTok icon on the main screen of the app. You will be transported to a rich and diverse video world where you can explore millions of short videos from different genres.

The TikTok library will provide you with globally popular and loved videos. You can search for funny videos, music, sports, culture and many more genres. Select the videos you want to choose as your live wallpaper by tapping the “Add to wallpaper” icon or swiping them at the top of your phone. Just like that, you can set your phone a really stylish live wallpaper.

Create a list of favorite videos

For more convenience in storing and marking the videos that you really care about, TickTock has created a list for you to customize, which is the Favorite Video List. For videos that interest you, put them in this list and you can watch them again whenever you want. Or every time you want to change the wallpaper, bring out the Favorites List and select from there potential videos that can become the exterior of your phone.

Share wallpapers to your friends

In addition to creating a unique live wallpaper for your phone, you can also share it with your friends and loved ones via the various social networks your TickTock connects to. Once you’ve created the live wallpaper, just tap the share icon and you’ll have options to share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms. You can send it to your friends so they also enjoy this cool live wallpaper.

Huge amount of videos available for you to turn into live wallpaper

TikTok is a social network that houses a great range of videos from various genres. You are free to explore and choose from funny videos, music, sports, even videos about daily life. The application allows you to enjoy these videos on your phone wherever you are, watch and interact at any time. And with Ticktock you can even turn them into unique live wallpapers.

The variety in video selection is one of the outstanding features of this application. You can choose from the hottest videos and those that are trending around the world. Videos of famous users on TikTok or trending videos. Creating live wallpapers with videos like these not only makes your experience enjoyable, but also makes your phone more unique and outstanding.

Cool effects for videos

With TickTock, you will enjoy a fun and memorable experience because not only is it unique in features, but the application also supports you with many beautiful effects to make your background photos more beautiful. The application provides many animation effects so you can create a lively and unique live wallpaper for your phone. You can create smooth flying effects, dragon flying phoenix effects for each letter, vibrant festive atmosphere… You can tweak and change the effects to your liking, create creative live wallpapers and express your own style.

Download TikTok APK for Android

TickTock is a great choice for those who love TikTok and want to create a unique live wallpaper on their mobile phone. This app turns your phone into a creative, stylish and fun accessory. If you are passionate about TikTok and want to create cool wallpapers for your phone, download TickTock now and discover what fun it has to offer!