- Hunting Competition - live events where you compete with other players
- 4 new glowing skins
- Increased rewards for top 3 players in Pack Weekly Bounty
- New currency - Moonstones
- Points received for kill displayed on 90 level
- Shop redesign
- Clan members list sorting
- Bug fixes and minor improvements

MOD APK The Wolf info:

  • Unlimited Money: You can upgrade your wolf even when you don’t have money.

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

Download The Wolf MOD APK version from APKDOWNLOAD now and knowledge the wolf’s life.

In Game of Thrones, Wolf is that the symbolism of house Stark – a robust , united, loyal family, always helping and protecting those around them. Ned Stark once said: “When the snows fall and therefore the white winds blow, the loner dies but the pack survives“. For an extended time, wolves have always been worshiped in culture or religion. This animal symbolizes both good and bad sides, for strength, perseverance, solidarity, and success.

After reading the novel “The call of the Wild” written by London , I wondered what it might be wish to be a wolf’s life? I imagine it’s a free, wildlife. we will do whatever we would like without fear about work or lifestyle . Luckily, The Wolf helped me answer those questions during a good way.

What is The Wolf?

The Wolf may be a multi-player role-playing game released by Swift Apps. Unlike other role-playing games that I even have introduced, the character you control isn’t a warrior or a witch but a wolf. Find food, water, hunt other animals or maybe fight other wolves once they invade your territory. during this game, you’ll experience the lifetime of a wild wolf right your phone.


With high-quality 3D graphics, The Wolf gives you an excellent visual experience. The wolf’s behavior, appearance, movement, and hunting style are genuinely simulated to each detail. Besides, the planet is open with many beautiful scenes of the steppe, old forest. within the Christmas version, all the wolves within the game wear a Santa Claus hat. That so cute!


This game has no plot. all of your mission is to regulate the wolf and find ways to survive within the steppe. In fact, wolves often follow the pack, but this game you’re completely alone. you’re a wolf with all of your instincts and bloodlust. Immerse yourself in nature, feel the facility with fast legs and sharp fangs.

There are many other animals within the forest for your hunting trip. they will be rabbits, sheep, deer, … Buffalo floods also are good prey, but you ought to follow the flock to hunt them if you don’t want to be killed. take care because you’ll meet animals standing above on wolves in food chains like tigers, lions.

Upgrade your wolf

You can customize the stats of wolves including Health, Attack, Defense and Speed. After hunting and killing an animal, you’ll level up and ready to upgrade your stats. Wolf’s attributes and skills are divided into three categories including Basic (normal attack, health regen, etc), Aura (crit damage, regen after death), and Special (frost spike, poisonous skin, etc ). Besides, there also are many sorts of wolves to settle on from like timber wolf , Dhole Wolf or maybe the legendary Black Wolf. Hunt, fight and become a real Alpha wolf of the steppe.

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