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MOD APK The Ghost info:

  • Unlimited Money

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

“Best friends make the bad times good and the good times unforgettable.” When being beside friends, we can share to them our joy, sadness or even fear. To stick friendship more, experience the feeling of having friends in the haunted land when playing The Ghost MOD APK.


The whole game can be played by 1-5 people. Playing horror games with many friends is also a wonderful experience.

And like some horror games you’ve played, the way you go around, look for some clues to slowly lead to the destination of freedom in The Ghost is the main point. Your control is also simply walking back and forth, holding this and that, and then using your judgment to find all the necessary parts of the car, the lock and then escape.

The scary thing here is that to do all that time-consuming stuff, you must be extra cautious and overcome your own fear. However, horrors are lurking somewhere in hospitals and in schools, popping out every now and then making you sweat. Even then, just looking at the creepy scenery around is enough to make the soul go crazy.

A series of Ghost stories

The distinctive feature of The Ghost is that it doesn’t just have a story. Exactly, this is a set of a few small mini games with the same “haunted” theme.

In The Ghost, there are consecutive chases, searches, and escapes. No matter what situation you are pushed into, your only task is to find a way to escape from this horror haunted place. Whatever the reason is behind, why this place became like this, it all revolves around the experience of escape and survival. Let me tell you some stories.

New Wishlie Hospital

The Ghost poses a situation. For some unknown reasons, you and your friend have been receiving daily treatment at New Wishlie Hospital for more than 2 weeks. Everything is still normal. Today is the discharge day but something unusual is happening. You wake up suddenly at 2 a.m. and realize a shocking truth: all the other patients have disappeared, except for you and your friend. The hospital suddenly looked vastly different, cluttered, and old with creepy marks. Importantly, this whole hospital seems to be locked.

You and your friend only have one way to survive is to escape through the garage door, collect all the components of the car left there and escape. What will be the fate of you and your friend? Will you all be able to escape before the ghost emerges and devours the soul?

High School

This time is about the story of two sisters Emily and Leila. These lovely girls live together in a small house in an empty town. They used to visit the cemetery every Sunday. Today is also Sunday, and for some reason Emily feels uncomfortable at the thought of going to the cemetery and she just wants to stay home. When Leila is gone, Emily watchs her sister leisurely walk down the street from the house. Suddenly, Emily is so startled when she sees a strange, black creature following and slowly crawling behind her sister’s back.

The next day, Leila doesn’t come home from Sunday’s trip to the cemetery. Emily decides to run to the school for help. As soon as she steps through the gate, suddenly there is a loud noise. The school gate slams shut behind Emily. No matter how she trys, she cannot open it up and the only way to get out is to climb over the high surrounding wall. Emily is officially locked in school. But that is only the beginning of the tragedy. Entering the school Emily is horrified to find that all the students here are struggling with a terrifying haunted force to survive. That creature is the “thing” that managed to infect Leila yesterday. Your mission is to find a way out of this haunted thing, find the key to open the school gate and find out the secret behind that mythical creature.