"Street Racing 3D" version upgrade!
►【New Events】is coming!
►【New Daily Tasks】much easier to unlock chests!
►【New Weekly Tasks】added. Race more, earn more!
► Increase diamond output of rewarded videos in Garage.
► Enjoy B-level & A-level events in PVP with free trial!
► Provide a basic prize for all PVP participants!
► Optimize Time Reward!
► Fixed known issues
► Increase Lucky Rewards

MOD APK Street Racing 3D info:

  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money and diamonds in the game.

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

Street Racing 3D may be a street racing game for speed enthusiasts. Use the cash available within the MOD APK version to shop for a luxury supercar before joining the competition!


Street Racing 3D is one among the famous racing games with over 100 million downloads since its release on Google Play store. Of course, it’s become popular because it offers a top quality experience sort of a console game. you’ll participate altogether street races and check out to beat your opponent. this is often your chance to point out off your skilled driving skills. many opponents are waiting to rise and win the championship, so download this game, hit the gas and allow them to breathe dust.

As the name of the sport , you’re participating in street races. Your goal is to drive to the finishing line as quickly as possible. If you finish 4th, you’ll need to play again.

There are many game modes in Street Racing 3D, like racing against the clock , or competing with other opponents in career mode. But regardless of what, the sole goal is to urge the finishing line first.

The races in Street Racing 3D are very fierce. You not only compete with opponents but even have to avoid obstacles along the way. If you’ve got ever played Asphalt 8: Airborne or Asphalt 9: Legends, you’ll find this game very familiar. I mean Street Racing 3D has an equivalent traffic, speed bumps, and narrow roads.

The unique car collection

The coolest thing in Street Racing 3D is that the car collection. they’re supported models that you simply can see in real world . you’ll drive many cars from a well-liked sedan to knowledgeable sports car. All displayed within the garage, you’ll see detailed information of every vehicle, including the worth , four properties and therefore the name of the model.

Based on the attributes, the cars will behave differently on the track. Nitro capacity, for instance , with a car with a bigger displacement it can accelerate for a extended period of your time . But overall, the controls are an equivalent . counting on your settings, you’ll navigate the vehicle by tilting the device or using the virtual wheel.

Upgrade your car

Street Racing 3D allows you to upgrade to reinforce the performance of your vehicle. Specifically, when the vehicle is upgraded, the four attributes TOP SPD, NOS SPD, ACC and HANDLE are going to be improved. The faster the speed, easier control or more Nitro are going to be an enormous advantage when it involves competing with experienced racers.

Join online tournaments and improve your ranking on the leaderboards

In career mode, your achievements are going to be recorded and placed on the leaderboard. So if you would like to be known, attempt to be the leader!

Street Racing 3D also encourages players to compete with prizes including coins and diamonds. the sport has many tournaments for you to hitch including Live Race With Bets, Rookie Cup or Weekly Chanllenge. Each tournament usually features a fixed length and convention about the sort of auto used. especially , Rookie Cup only allows to use level C vehicles, Global Challenge Cup allows use of all vehicles. Therefore, you furthermore may got to confirm that you simply have the proper vehicle to enter the tournament.

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