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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

If you’re an exponent of house shooting games and prefer to simulate sky shooting, therefore Galaxy Attack: house Shooter game is game for you.

One day, our lovely galaxy is under fire of house intruders. They destroyed all of squadron. you’re last hero of galaxy and can be featured associate house attack. Your goal are going to be quite difficult as you may have to be compelled to save the galaxy from its alien enemies.
Galaxy Attack: house Shooter game puts you at the forefront of a battle with house intruders. you may take hold of the lone ballistic capsule and defend galaxy from alien swarms. during this house game, you may be featured associate progressively sizable amount of enemies and affect several epic bosses in house war.
As the game progresses, you may earn the proper to upgrade your ballistic capsule to bring it to full fatal capability.

– superb lighting and camera work
– Includes Power-ups and Bosses!
– Leader board international.
– Lucky circle.

– Move ballistic capsule
– Kill house intruders
– Upgrade ballistic capsule
– modification your weapons.

The Galaxy’s future is currently in your hands. Get your weapons prepared for epic battles.

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