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MOD APK Slap Kings info:

The amount of money received after each game screen is not much, so the process of upgrading your character will be quite slow. The solution here is to use the MOD version of Slap Kings!

Unlimited Money: With the unlimited amount of money available, you can easily upgrade the index for your character.

No Ads: Play this game more fun, slap pain more when not bothered by ads pop up constantly.

Is the MOD version safe?

Yes, it is safe. And not only the MOD version but even the APK is completely safe. We assure you of this.

Is there a MOD version for iOS?

Is not. We do not do MOD for iOS at the present time.

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

Have you ever heard of the Siberian Power Show, where participants slapped each other until their opponents collapsed? If you do not dare to participate in such a competition, you can enjoy it through the latest video game named Slap Kings from Gameguru.

Violent but funny gameplay

Slap Kings has no plot and no instructions to get started. It does not even have a start screen. Right from the start of the game, the player will be thrown into the match immediately. This game simulates what will take place in a Siberian Power Show contest. In the game, you control your character to take part in a 1vs1 slapping competition. Both sides will slap each other in the face in turn until one side loses. Controls are very simple. Gamers just need to touch the screen at the right time to make a slap on the opponent. Each side will have a blue bar at the top to display the character’s HP. Which side reaches 0 first will lose the game.

Overall, the gameplay of Slap Kings looks violent, but it is actually quite hilarious. The way of designing the game’s character and graphic style animation makes the slaps funny. You can see many emotions during the battle, which are shown on your face and your opponent’s.

The graphics and sound

In Slap Kings, the graphics and sound are the highlights. You participate in a violent competition when players repeatedly slap each other in the face, but the way the developer expresses it makes it funny. The characters are designed in an animated style. Also, slaps are shown in an extremely strange style. Even in a decisive slap, your opponent will be thrown out of the ring. Besides, the sound from the cheers of the viewers also makes the contest more fun and authentic.

Note: Use enough gold coins to increase without reduction

Character upgrade

After winning each level in the game, you will receive a reward as Coins. You can use them to pay for your character upgrades. In Slap Kings, each character has 2 important indicators to pay attention to, including Health and Power. When you upgrade Health, your HP in battle will increase. Besides, do not forget to upgrade the Power indicator to increase the damage in each slap.

Because the number of coins is quite limited, so you need to choose to upgrade the character reasonably. You should increase these two indices in balance. You should not just upgrade one thing because they cannot guarantee your victory. Besides, if you want to be “unbeatable” in the game, you can use the modified version of the game named Slap Kings MOD in this article. It allows you to use unlimited coins. From there, you can upgrade everything without worrying about the cost.