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  • Ragdoll Playground
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  • 1.8.4
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  • Free
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  • Reggae True Love
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  • Android 4.4+


Ragdoll Playground is a stress reliever game. You can perform various torture actions on the ragdoll to enjoy the ways it reacts to different impacts. Don’t worry or feel guilty because all are just virtual characters, instead enjoy this somewhat violent torture process to relieve the mood.

About Ragdoll Playground

Ragdoll Playground is a physics simulation game that allows players to experiment with a variety of different objects and environments. The game features a range of tools and options that allow players to manipulate the physics of the game and create their own unique scenarios.

Build your own context and challenge yourself

Ragdoll Playground has quite a few differences compared to Kick the Buddy that you have ever played or heard about Kick the Buddy, you need to know that Ragdoll Playground will give the same kind of experience as torture screens based on that ragdoll effect, but the method is completely different and entirely private.

In Ragdoll Playground, you will be free to build the context and appearance you like. Specifically, how many dummies you want to add depends on the number of characters you have unlocked. If you want to build blocks, houses, obstacles, stairs, or objects… all are available. Some of the more interesting items require you to unlock as you go deeper into the game, but from the start with the items in the basic inventory, you can design the game to your own preferences.

For example, you can put 2 dummies at the same time, add stairs for them to lean on, and then shoot the stairs with a gun to see the 2 dummies fall and roll on the floor. Or you can let a bunch of pins fall on their heads, and then put tons of bricks on their heads so heavy that the dummies collapse… Compared to Kick the Buddy, Ragdoll Playground is monumental, much freer with full of features for you to build everything yourself and then get creative with various torture methods.

Of course, if you’re a bit lazy and don’t want to do that many things to relieve stress, Ragdoll Playground can be a bit laborious. But if you like creativity in the art of torture then this is a good opportunity for you.


In Ragdoll Playground, players have access to a range of tools and options that allow them to manipulate the physics of the game. Players can choose from a range of different environments, including a cityscape, a space station, and a factory, and can place a variety of different objects and obstacles within these environments.

Players can then experiment with different settings and options to create unique scenarios, such as launching a ragdoll into the air with a rocket or testing the effects of gravity on different objects. The game also features a sandbox mode, where players can freely experiment and create without any specific objectives or goals.

Graphics and Sound

Ragdoll Playground features simple and colorful graphics, with a focus on the physics and interactions between objects. The game’s sound effects and music also add to the immersive experience of the game, creating a fun and engaging gameplay experience.


Ragdoll Playground is a fun and engaging physics simulation game that allows players to experiment with different objects and environments. With its range of tools and options, players can create their own unique scenarios and test the limits of the game’s physics engine. The game’s simple and colorful graphics and immersive sound effects also add to the overall experience. Overall, Ragdoll Playground is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and engaging physics simulation game to play and experiment with.

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The colors are flexible, not too bright but enough to attract attention. There are many dummy characters to unlock, and more than 100 different items for you to experience the dummy torture for yourself. Ragdoll Playground is the game to play if you are a stress reliever most creatively.