• name
  • Photo Lab PRO
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  • 33 MB
  • version
  • 3.12.68
  • price
  • $9.99 Free
  • publisher
  • Linerock Investments LTD
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  • Free Patched
  • requires
  • Android 11 and up



Enhance your photos with over 640 beautiful frames, effects, filters or montages! Photo Lab PRO is an easy, quick and fun photo editor. You don’t need to be a photo editing ninja to make any photo funny and any portrait beautiful. Just pick a filter, frame or montage to use, then choose which image to process, and that’s it! Photo Lab PRO will do all the hard work to let you sit back, relax and get all the honor.

About Photo Lab PRO

Photo Lab PRO is a premium mobile photo editing app designed to elevate your photography to the next level. Developed by VicMan LLC, this app offers a wide range of powerful and creative tools to enhance and transform your photos. With its extensive collection of filters, effects, and editing features, Photo Lab PRO empowers users to unleash their creativity and turn ordinary photos into stunning works of art.

Extensive Filter Library

Photo Lab PRO boasts a vast library of filters, including artistic styles, vintage effects, textures, and more. Users can apply these filters with a single tap to instantly transform their photos.

Photo Montages

The app often includes a variety of fun and creative photo montages that allow users to insert their pictures into imaginative scenes, such as magazine covers, famous artwork, and movie posters.

Photo Frames

Users can choose from a wide selection of frames to add a finishing touch to their photos. Frames range from classic designs to themed options for special occasions.

Artistic Effects

Photo Lab PRO typically offers a range of artistic effects that can turn photos into sketches, paintings, or caricatures, giving them a unique and artistic twist.

Face Photo Montages

The app may include face detection technology that enables users to create humorous or stylish face montages, such as placing their face on a celebrity’s body or in a historical photograph.

Collage Maker

Users can often create custom photo collages by selecting multiple photos and arranging them in various grid layouts. The app may offer customizable backgrounds and borders for collages.

Background Removal

Some versions of the app include a background removal tool, allowing users to isolate subjects from their photos and place them on new backgrounds.

Text and Stickers

Users can add text, captions, and stickers to their photos to personalize and convey messages effectively.

Instant Sharing

Photo Lab PRO typically provides easy sharing options, allowing users to share their edited photos directly to social media platforms or messaging apps.

Save High-Resolution Images

The app often allows users to save edited images in high resolution, ensuring the quality of their final creations.

No Watermarks

Photo Lab PRO is usually an ad-free version, so users can edit and save photos without watermarks or interruptions.

User Experience

Photo Lab PRO is designed to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Its extensive collection of editing tools, along with its one-tap editing features, ensures that users can easily enhance their photos and unleash their creative potential.


Photo Lab PRO is a versatile and powerful photo editing app that empowers users to create stunning and artistic images with ease. Whether you want to add filters, create fun montages, or personalize your photos with text and stickers, this app has you covered. With Photo Lab PRO, you can turn your mobile device into a powerful photo editing studio, allowing you to transform your everyday snapshots into captivating visual masterpieces.

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