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  • file size
  • 184 MB
  • version
  • 1.1.47
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Smilegate Holdings, Inc
  • mod features
  • MENU, Damage
  • requires
  • Android 7.0+


A fictional world serves as the backdrop for the turn-based role-playing game OUTERPLANE Mod APK. It has beautiful action performances, strategic turn-based fights, and 3D comic-style characters.


As a habit, players are used to colorful anime-style graphics. Over time, you think you’ve almost lost your emotions with similar games. However, when coming to OUTERPLANE, your feeling will have many interesting differences.

Based on gacha action gameplay combined with anime-style strategy, the world in OUTERPLANE is meticulously constructed with a compelling story. Characters are invested in both quality, personality, and quantity. The battles in the game are very eye-catching and satisfying. This game deserves to be one of the RPG anime action games you should download and play.


Surely you are no stranger to the context of classic anime games like this. OUTERPLANE is no exception to that. In OUTERPLANE, you are just a normal person. One day, for some unknown reason, you were summoned to a completely strange world. Here, people communicate, make friends, and fight with each other with magic. And you begin to be dragged into an unending melee of factions and gradually establish your heroic destiny.

On the way to learn about that world, you have the opportunity to meet other extraordinary warriors, and then quickly, all become allies, together in life and death in the battles of the future. Everything begins in this land and you, too, will be the only one who can put an end to all the future here.

Strategic battlefield

One thing you need to keep in mind from the start. If the graphics give a quite different impression, the gameplay in OUTERPLANE is not much different from previous games of the same genre. Many people think that the gameplay of OUTERPLANE is similar to Epic Seven, which’s also from the same publisher. This statement is correct, but not sufficient. Because compared to Epic Seven, OUTERPLANE has inherited the core spirit but at the same time, has added many new elements that make the game much more accessible.

When it comes to battles, OUTERPLANE progresses everything in a turn-based style that is so familiar to mobile combat RPG players. You will need to recruit as many heroes as possible, creating a rare and powerful army, and setting the stage for all future victories.

Building a core team, the next difficult task is to choose the right formation and battle position, for each type of enemy and each context, to get the best advantage when fighting.


Choosing which hero to go to battle, and which enemy to fight will help you show your tactical mind the best. Because OUTERPLANE is built on a counter system that corresponds to the 5 basic elements of the land’s nature: water, fire, plants, light, and darkness.

In addition to the profound progress system, the character system in OUTERPLANE is also diversely designed with many different classes includes swordsman, gunner, mage, and assassin… Each hero class will have its own skill system, including 3 normal skills and 1 special skill. This special skill is only activated when you gather enough mana. In addition, when playing, you can combine these skills to create a stronger combo. With the progress of the character, the types of skills will be upgraded, the combo therefore also becomes more and more unique, with more impressive destructive power.

When you complete assigned missions or collect trophies to a certain extent, you will unlock new characters through the game’s lucky gacha system. You never know who you’re going to have and what surprises are waiting for you.

When fighting, there’s one more special feature. With at least 2 warriors, you can LINK skills between your team’s characters to continue creating a series of terrifying, potentially fast combos to quickly destroy the enemy.


Using advanced 3D technology to create the entire scene, creatures, characters, and skills in the game, OUTERPLANE has succeeded in drawing players into the magical world from the very first minute.

Smooth character movement, beautiful combat effects, bright screen, especially there is a huge difference between skills and combos. Each skill and combo also comes with a set of 3D cutscenes to clearly show the power and destructive power when applied to the enemy. From there, it helps players better understand the skills and how to use them in battle.

If you are not familiar with games of this genre before, then the combat effects in OUTERPLANE can be a bit too bright. But thanks to that, you will get a very overwhelming feeling when fighting. Characters when leveling up also have strong changes in appearance and strength of skills. Therefore players will always have the motivation to keep playing.


MOD features

  • MENU
  • Damage
  • Defense

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OUTERPLANE is an exciting RPG action anime game that combines classic gacha elements. Thanks to impressive graphics, effects, and a series of new points in the gameplay, OUTERPLANE promises to bring you many hours of exciting gameplay.