Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

One Piece: Burning Will is a 3D RPG game for Android phones and tablets. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco Shanghai has only released it in China and has no intention of expanding to the international market.

Usually when running the plot, if the characters are animated and move, you will definitely think One Piece: Burning Will has the same gameplay as MMORPG games. But no, the game is in the turn-based genre like Onmyoji. First, the character with the higher speed is allowed to attack first. Each move consumes energy. And of course, the stronger the move, the more energy you spend. Therefore, think carefully before each of your decisions.

Like many other RPG games, One Piece: Burning Will also has a level system for characters. The strength of the team will decide everything. There are many things you need to upgrade to increase your power, usually mainly character upgrades.

Many players make the mistake of trying to power up all their characters equally. If you are a F2P player, your resources are not enough for you to do that. Therefore, give all resources to 1 or 2 main characters for them to carry. As for the rest of the characters, focus on upgrading their defense because most of the characters have AOE damage skills. Although not too strong, but those characters still have a good influence on the battle, as a tanker or support.

This game also has a gacha feature. You will have to rely on luck to own the characters you want. Of course, there are also Tier Lists from previous players. At the beginning, One Piece: Burning Will also gives newbies a lot of tickets, you can reroll by creating a new account to receive your favorite character.