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  • Android 5.0


N0va Desktop is a live wallpaper application for Android mobile phones and tablets. Download this application, you will immediately have a lovely animated screen with a virtual character, the cute Lumi girl. What are you waiting for without giving your mobile phone a new, modern, trendy and sparkling look?

About N0va Desktop

Live wallpaper app for Android mobile and tablets!

Different, modern needs for mobile wallpapers

Have you ever thought about refreshing your mobile and tablet desktop with something more unique and special? Most of the time, we choose to put a picture of ourselves, our family, our loved ones or some other beautiful style image on the wallpaper. However, it’s just a still image. Characters and scenes in it cannot move like a short film. Every time, when we want to change to something different, we have to reselect the image and replace the old image. I think it’s also quite labor intensive. Besides, sometimes we also need something new, a completely new character or scene, for example.

There is an application that I think you should try, at least once, to get a more vibrant, colorful mobile wallpaper than you’ve ever used before. I would like to introduce to you N0va Desktop.

Updating lots of new content

To make Lumi’s pieces of life stick with users more and more deeply. At the same time, you always have something new popping up on your mobile desktop. The developer makes a commitment to periodically update Lumi with the latest content. The application ensures that the user’s visual and sensory experience is always unique and always new.

In particular, there are many animated wallpapers and exclusive videos in the application’s library. You can choose which topic best suits your mood. N0va Desktop can be called a life adventure into the cute virtual world of the girl Lumi.

Refresh your screen with Lumi

Different from the wallpaper applications you have known before. N0va Desktop does not pull from any available image source, nor does it create a series of static images to put on your home screen. And your mobile wallpaper through N0va Desktop is a dynamic wallpaper, meaning it has simple changes and movements during the display process without requiring any adjustments from the user.

N0va Desktop uses a cute virtual character as its centerpiece. The girl’s name is Lumi. Lumi can appear with many different looks, appearances, outfits, and expressions. Lumi can do a lot of cute actions. You’ll feel like you have a waifu right there on your mobile desktop. All these activities, will display themed on your screen, vividly, smoothly and adorablely.

Images are smooth and move naturally

N0va Desktop is a dynamic wallpaper application, with many deep, intuitive customizations for Android mobile and tablet. Thus, the highest value core of this application is the images with motion effects.

Image, N0va Desktop uses a typical beautiful anime style to design the virtual character Lumi. Every image of the girl, regardless of shape, outfit, or style, is expressed fluently and meticulously. Looking at Lumi’s eyes, we see a level of grace and gentleness, from the color tone to the elegant lines.

Although the animation effects are not too many, there are no complicated movements. It all just stops when you see Lumi raise her hand, move her legs, change her facial expression, and feed the cat. But actually on the wallpaper, that’s all we need. Any small movement, done delicately and gracefully like N0va Desktop, can create an interesting highlight for the device.

Change with just one touch

The interesting thing about using N0va Desktop is that you can intervene in what is happening on the screen. Change the background, change the outfit, choose another series of Limi activities that you find more interesting. All of these customizations require just one touch, directly on the screen, and you can freely change them to your liking. These changes take effect immediately, with no waiting period.

Download N0va Desktop APK for Android

N0va Desktop is a cute animated wallpaper application featuring the young virtual girl Lumi. Application exclusively for Android mobile and tablets. If you want to change the style of your phone, it’s time to download and install N0va Desktop.