- Quest Events
- New chest popup with scrollbars
- Reply option in the chat
- Trade coin packages in shop
- Fixes to bugs.

MOD APK Miners Settlement: Idle RPG info:

  • Free Build (even if you don’t have enough materials)

  • Free Upgrade

  • Free Shopping

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before

Miners Settlement: Idle RPG MOD APK is an idle clicker role-playing game where you do a lot of things to rebuild the once prosperous tiny miner village.

Main activities

On the adventure path through the dark dungeons, you can find countless resources and valuable materials. With your skillful crafting, you will create more and more weapons with increasing destructive power. You also come across important antiquities. Sometimes they give you rare powers, or great advantages for battles, sometimes they are pieces to help you find your way to the final boss faster. You also have cute animal friends. Each child has its characteristics and abilities. When you have the, you will be empowered in important battles.

In a nutshell, what you need to do are mining resources, crafting tools, weapons, collecting treasures to power up, taming pets, rebuilding houses, and fighting dangerous enemies. Your destination is to decipher the entire devastation that the village is suffering, find the final boss, and destroy it completely, thereby returning peace to the village.

Graphics and sound

Miners Settlement: Idle RPG uses classic 2D pixel graphics. But every detail is very meticulous. You can identify your character and get impressed by the scary monsters in the dungeon. The effect is not much but enough to bring joy during the adventure.

Everything in Miners Settlement: Idle RPG is just enough. Covering the long adventure is a gentle feeling of nostalgia from images to sounds and effects. I promise you will feel comfortable even during dark dungeon adventures.

Exciting missions and battles

The game gives players countless quests that are maybe big, maybe small, maybe directly related to the plot, maybe not. But all are full of excitement and fully exploit the series of characters’ abilities. Players will never get discouraged or have any sense of repetition.

The battles follow the classic turn-based RPG mechanics. Your miner also has a storyline. He collects items, resources, makes tools, combines many things to create new weapons, upgrades equipment/personal skills, gets pets, and utilizes all of these for massive dungeon battles. Classic combat mechanics are mixed with classic graphics, which will bring you a colorful party with countless quests and exciting battles.