Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst (一騎当千エクストラバースト) brings players to the battle between the most beautiful girls. Players transform into one of those unique warriors to fight off evil bosses.

What's New

・Minor bug fixes

MOD APK version of Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst

MOD features


  • Damage Multiplier

  • Defense Multiplier

Cre: Blackmod

Bishoujo hyper big melee begins here!
Let’s enjoy hyper battle with many beautiful girl fighters!

◆ Beautiful girl fighter full of charm!
Plenty of beautiful illustrations full of charm!
Don’t miss the heated battle where the SD characters move cutely and get excited!

◆ Exciting battle with easy operation!
The basic is a real-time battle where beautiful girl fighters move automatically.
Defeat powerful bosses by making full use of the special move “Extra Burst”!

◆You can also enjoy the original story!
Includes game original story!
In addition to the familiar beautiful girl fighters, original new characters also appear!

◆ More than 40 beautiful girl fighters appear!
Sonsaku Hakufu (CV: Masumi Asano)
Ryomo Shimei (CV: Yuko Kaida)
Unchou Kanu (CV: Hitomi Namatame)
Ryofu Housen (CV: Akeno Watanabe)
Gentoku Liu Bei (CV: Kei Shindou)
Zhao Yun Shilong (CV: Yu Asakawa)
Koumei Zhuge Liang (CV: Mai Kadowaki)
Xiahou Yuan Myosai (CV: Eri Kitamura)
Son Quan Conspiracy (CV: Ayaka Ohashi)

◆Official Twitter

◆ Recommended terminal
Android 6.0 or higher
Devices with 2GB or more of memory

©2021 Yuji Shiozaki, Shonen Gahosha/Shin Ikki Tousen Partners
©2020 Marvelous Inc.


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