Fixed minor bugs

MOD APK Idleville: Idle Tycoon info:

  • Menu Mod

  • Money gain x1-x50

Modded by DESLOKAT

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

🏗️ Build and upgrade buildings on floating islands
🤑 Increase your earnings level
📚 Complete casual quests to get awesome rewards
🧙 Use abilities to boost your idle incremental earnings
💍 Collect a lot of artifacts, that makes you more powerful in idle mode
🗝️ Collect keys to open chests with treasures
🎲 Play mini-games and test your luck
🧭 Discover different idle worlds

✨ What happened to this world?

When an evil wizard destroyed everything that exists and broke the world known to us into thousands of pieces that remained in non-existence, you were lucky – to give the world a new life! To do this, you will have to literally piece by piece to collect the remains of different worlds. Check the new idle clicker tycoon experience!

🎃 Game rules and facts

🏡 You have to build a 10 buildings on island to reach the next one.
💰 Each building earns money in idle mode.
📈 It’s an incremental game. The higher the level of the building, the more money it brings.
🔥 When you upgrade all the buildings to 100 level, the island can be considered settled

🎓 Glossary for deep understanding

ℹ️ idle games are games in which the bulk of the events take place without the participation of the player, who only manages the decisions in the events.
ℹ️ idle clicker games are games in which the player is invited to click on different objects in order to speed up the processes in the game.
ℹ️ Incremental idle games are idle games based on increasing earnings in the game, and a corresponding increasing costs.

Do you like idle games? 😉 Maybe you like clicker games or incremental games? 🤔 This idle clicker game is just for you! 🤪

👷 It’s an idle incremental clicker game done by solo developer. The game is evolving and more and more new modes and features will appear in it.