+ Added Lair Themes. Lair Themes give a boost (even when not active) and change the appearance of your Supervillain, their room and the walls of their lair.
+ We’ve added 2 Lair Themes with this update. Dr DOS’s Clockwork theme gives +30% Robot Damage, and Yara’s Outlaw theme gives +25% Weaponry Capacity (Yara Only).
+ You can access Lair Themes in the lair build menu after you’ve executed 3 Grand Plans. This menu also includes information on your Supervillain.
+ Tweaks and bug fixes.

MOD APK Idle Mastermind info:

  • Cheat Menu

  • Add everything you want

  • Unlock everything you want

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

Ever wanted to be the villain? To build a lair? Hire henchmen? Fight superheroes? Concoct dastardly plans? Raid a city? Or… take over the world?

No? What, really? Sure you do!

Idle Mastermind, from the makers of Idle Apocalypse, is the best supervillain simulator of 2020! Play as three supervillains. The techy but tiny: Dr DOS. The gangster crime boss: Yara. Or the unpredictable: LOL. Each has their own evil grand plan.

Build a lair to run your empire from. Hire a bunch of evil henchmen to do your bidding. Raid the city above to gain precious resources. Unlock new research and skills to improve your criminal, idle empire.

When you’re ready, execute your evil plan and bring about the apocalypse!

Play as 3 distinct villains, each with:
+ A unique lair with special floors and henchmen.
+ Different strategies, skills and stories.
+ Unique resource management styles.

Build your dream lair:
+ 30 unique floors.
+ Floors that will generate resources while offline.
+ Special floors with unique gameplay elements.

Hire an army of evil thugs:
+ 20+ henchmen.
+ Different classes, abilities.
+ Unique resource management gameplay.

On top of that it has all the humour and inane chatter of a Grumpy Rhino game. The makers of Idle Apocalypse.

Lovers of simulation games and incremental clickers won’t be able to put down this dastardly, near criminal RPG.