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【Recommended environment】
Compatible models: Android 5.0 or higher (Android 6.0 or higher recommended), OpenGL ES3 or higher
Recommended device: Snapdragon 835 equivalent or higher
*Depending on usage conditions, operation may become unstable even in the recommended environment.
*If the USB debugging of your device is set to ON, please turn off the USB debugging as the app will not start.
*You cannot play on rooted or illegally modified devices.

~Here is a friend <hero> you can trust~

Hero training command battle RPG “Helios Rising Heroes”
Let’s experience the world view of Elios R with unique “heroes”!

“Major Hero”
――It is a great existence that protects peace and is loved by people.
50 years ago, a high-energy body [substance] that flew from outer space
Crashed in Million State.

It had a great impact on the resource depleted earth,
At the same time, it became a presence that spreads disasters and torments people.

Founded in Damaged Million State
Countermeasure mechanism [HELIOS]
Entrust the ability type crystal stone discovered from [Substance] to the elite,
He created a “hero” with special abilities.

▼ Exhilarating hero battle with easy operation!
The bond <link> between “heroes” will determine victory or defeat!
Make full use of teamwork and grab victory!
Animation is attached to the [Burst Skill] of the highest rarity “Hero”!

▼ The main story is fully voiced!
The main story is fully voiced by gorgeous voice actors!
Immerse yourself in the world of Elios R!

▼ Let’s enjoy training “Heroes”!
There are [Heroes] and [Frames], strengthen both and win against powerful enemies!
[Heroes] may even come with their own stories!

▼ Let’s interact with mini heroes!
You can interact with mini-heroes in [Patrol] and [Command Room]!
In [Patrol], interact with citizens, defeat enemies, and protect the peace of the city!
In the [command room], change the interior to the commander’s favorite interior and interact with the “heroes”!

Title: Helios Rising Heroes
Genre: Hero Training Command Battle RPG
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Cast: Toshiyuki Toyonaga/Takashi Kondo/Wataru Hatano/Takuya Sato
Haruki Ishitani/Satoshi Hino/Junichi Suwabe/Kensho Ono
Ayumu Murase/Lansbury Arthur/Kenjiro Tsuda/Kenichi Suzumura
Nobuhiko Okamoto/Yoshiki Nakajima/Subaru Kimura/Tomoyuki Morikawa
Ai Orikasa/Aimi Tanaka/Chihiro Suzuki
Kazuyuki Okitsu/Takahiro Sakurai/Keisuke Kawamoto