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Google Camera APK is a photography application from the giant Google, exclusively for smartphones. It is not only prestigious but also beautiful and has many valuable features.

Google Camera

Do not use the original camera anymore, try Google Camera with a series of outstanding advantages!

Smartphones always have a built-in camera. But it has always been limited because of its small image quality and a host of other drawbacks. So, it cannot be compared with a dedicated camera. But what if you have an application that can turn your phone into a camera that is not inferior to any professional camera, like Google Camera for example?

Taking beautiful and smooth portraits no less than a dedicated camera

When taking portrait photos, Google Camera automatically activates Face Beautification mode according to Google’s proprietary algorithm. As a result, it creates a more beautiful, smooth, and deep photo for the user. Believe me, Portrait photos taken from Google Camera will always be your favorite ones on your phone.

The ability to remove fonts of this Portrait feature is also very beneficial. Everything around becomes purposefully blurred. It looks moderate and natural. All help to highlight the main subject in the most subtle way.

Night Sight astrophotography

The Night Sight feature is also a great advantage of Google Camera and is currently one of the most attractive features for users, especially young people. Just keep the phone well-balanced (for example, put it on a table or tripod), select Night Sight mode, and take a photo. Your result will be a deep, natural, and clear sky. There is no need for flash even in low light conditions.

Awesome video recording

Google Camera is not only for taking pictures but also for recording videos. When using Google Camera to record videos, you can integrate many different effect modes, like Slow Motion or Time Lapse.

To record a video with Google Camera, you also do the same as usual, but instead of pressing one touch to take a photo, you will now press and hold until you want to stop recording, then release your hand, like how to record a video in Instagram. It is both convenient and easy to operate. It can capture every quick moment at any time without having to switch back and forth Photo and Video like many cameras available on phones today.

And many more features better than the original camera

You know, the original camera is not always the best. Even if you are using a high-end smartphone out there, Google Camera can still produce images equal to or even better than the built-in camera in the phone.

Because Google Camera has a bunch of capabilities that the phone’s built-in camera is hard to get, or if it does, the result is very limited. The most typical are extended shooting features including Panorama, Photo Sphere and Lens shooting, HDR + with exposure, low light, backlit conditions, or with White Balance, Super Res Zoom that helps your images sharp even when zoomed in… All will simultaneously support users, providing the best quality and stable pictures.

Personally, I especially like the Top Shot feature. When starting this mode, Google Camera will automatically suggest the best pictures, the best moments, everything around is just right and perfect. All you have to do is follow these automated instructions, and you’ll be sure to get the most stable shot for your group photos. Hanging out with friends, turn on Top Shot to make sure your team saves the best moments.

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