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Historically, golf has always been known as a sport for the rich. Therefore, playing golf seems strange to most people in life. Many people probably only see this sport on TV and Youtube.

With this game, golf is no longer a strange sport for you. However, unlike any golf game you watch on TV, Golf Blitz takes you to a unique and strange golf field where you have to show your creative golf skills. In the previous article, I introduced you to a golf game named Golf Clash. But I bet you haven’t seen or played a game of golf as exciting as Golf Blitz. Try it and know that I’m not lying!

In any game, we always want to be the winner. Everyone knows that in golf, you need to put the ball in the hole with the least number of strokes. However, this game has 3 players. They are also good golfers, so you need to have the right tactics. You will receive gold coins or honorary medals when defeating other players. Do not miss!

However, winning Golf Blitz is not simple. As I mentioned above, getting the ball to the hole is very difficult, besides you also have to play against two formidable opponents. Therefore, the game has 3 items to help players in difficult situations. Sniper Ball helps you hit the ball with absolute precision, Super Ball helps make the powerful and far-needed shots. Besides, there are many items to support you in this game.

Besides the support items that need to be unlocked and upgraded, players can buy more items and other customizations. You can unlock to change the appearance of your golfer with over 70 different looks. There are many hats for golfers such as cap, animal print, … You can unlock them with money or gems, but you have to reach the required level to unlock items.