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  • Gauthmath
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  • 1.35.1
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  • GauthTech Pte. Ltd.
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  • Android 6.0


Are you having trouble solving math problems? Integral, differential, derivative, linear algebra… blah blah… haunt you so much that they appear in your dreams. Actually, it is a nightmare not only for you but also for many, many others. But don’t worry too much because now, with the development of artificial intelligence, solving math problems has become easier than ever.

About Gauthmath

Gauthmath emerges as a groundbreaking mobile application, redefining the landscape of math learning and homework assistance. Designed to cater to students at various levels, from middle school to college, Gauthmath is more than just a math problem solver; it’s a comprehensive platform that offers instant solutions, step-by-step explanations, and live tutoring support. With its innovative features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to empowering students in their mathematical journey, Gauthmath stands as a transformative tool for mastering math concepts with confidence.

User-Friendly Interface

Gauthmath welcomes users with a user-friendly interface that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. The app’s design is clean, intuitive, and accessible, ensuring that students of all ages and proficiency levels can navigate effortlessly. From accessing instant solutions to exploring live tutoring options, Gauthmath’s interface is designed to streamline the math learning process.

Instant Homework Help

A standout feature of Gauthmath is its ability to provide instant homework help. Users can take pictures of math problems using their device’s camera, upload them to the app, and receive step-by-step solutions in real-time. This instant assistance eliminates the frustration of getting stuck on a problem, offering students the guidance they need to understand and complete their assignments successfully.

Step-by-Step Explanations

Gauthmath goes beyond providing answers by offering detailed, step-by-step explanations for each solution. This feature is invaluable for students who want to understand the underlying concepts and methodologies behind a particular math problem. The step-by-step explanations foster a deeper understanding of mathematical principles, contributing to long-term learning and mastery.

Live Tutoring Support

For students seeking personalized assistance, Gauthmath offers live tutoring support. Users can connect with experienced tutors in real-time, engaging in one-on-one sessions to address specific questions, clarify concepts, or receive guidance on challenging problems. The live tutoring feature adds an interactive and dynamic dimension to the app, creating a virtual classroom environment.

Math Concept Reviews and Lessons

Gauthmath provides comprehensive reviews of various math concepts and lessons, covering a wide range of topics. Users can access curated lessons that break down complex mathematical ideas into digestible segments. These concept reviews are designed to reinforce learning, making it easier for students to grasp and apply mathematical principles.

Interactive Practice Problems

To enhance skill mastery, Gauthmath includes an array of interactive practice problems. Users can engage with these problems to reinforce their understanding of specific concepts and test their proficiency. The interactive nature of the practice problems adds an element of engagement, encouraging students to actively participate in the learning process.

Customizable Learning Paths

Recognizing that each student learns at their own pace, Gauthmath offers customizable learning paths. Users can set their learning goals, track progress, and receive personalized recommendations based on their performance. This feature allows students to tailor their learning experience to align with their unique strengths, weaknesses, and academic objectives.

Offline Access to Solutions

Gauthmath understands the importance of flexibility in learning. The app supports offline access to previously solved problems and lessons, allowing users to review solutions and study materials even without an internet connection. This offline capability ensures that students can continue learning at their own pace, regardless of their location or connectivity.

Language Support and Accessibility

Gauthmath recognizes the global nature of its user base and provides language support to accommodate diverse learners. The app offers content and support in multiple languages, making math learning accessible to students around the world. This inclusivity enhances Gauthmath’s reach and impact in fostering math proficiency.

Progress Tracking and Analytics

To facilitate continuous improvement, Gauthmath includes progress tracking and analytics features. Users can monitor their performance, track the time spent on specific topics, and receive insights into their learning patterns. The analytics tools empower students to identify areas for improvement and celebrate their achievements, fostering a data-driven approach to learning.

Gamified Learning Elements

To make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable, Gauthmath incorporates gamified elements. Users can earn rewards, badges, and achievements as they progress through lessons and successfully complete practice problems. This gamification adds a sense of accomplishment and motivation, turning the learning process into a dynamic and rewarding experience.

Community Engagement and Peer Support

Gauthmath fosters a sense of community among users through social features and peer support. Students can connect with their peers, participate in discussions, and share insights within the app. This community aspect adds a collaborative dimension to the learning experience, creating a supportive environment where students can learn from each other.

Regular Updates and New Content

The development team behind Gauthmath is dedicated to delivering a continuously evolving learning experience. Regular updates introduce new content, features, and optimizations based on user feedback, curriculum changes, and advancements in educational technology. This commitment ensures that Gauthmath remains at the forefront of math learning innovation.

Subscription Model and Free Access

Gauthmath adopts a subscription model, offering users both free access with essential features and premium subscription options. The premium subscription may unlock additional benefits, such as ad-free usage, unlimited access to live tutoring, and exclusive content. This model ensures accessibility for a broad user base while providing enhanced features for those seeking an elevated learning experience.

Security and Privacy

The security and privacy of user data are of utmost importance to Gauthmath. The app implements robust encryption protocols to safeguard user information, learning progress, and other sensitive details. Transparent privacy policies and user-friendly security features contribute to a trustworthy and reliable learning app environment.


In conclusion, Gauthmath stands as a revolutionary app in the realm of math learning and homework assistance. With its user-friendly interface, instant homework help, live tutoring support, and comprehensive learning features, Gauthmath empowers students to excel in mathematics with confidence. Whether tackling challenging problems, reviewing concepts, or engaging with peers, Gauthmath redefines the math learning experience, making it accessible, interactive, and tailored to the unique needs of each learner.

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