- Frosty Season starts in mid-December
- Throw a Christmas ball in the middle of the month
- Renovate Santa's workshop at the end of December

- Adventures in the garden: outsmart a cunning thief and find a precious crown
- Unlock a new garden area to dive into the world of the Wild West

MOD APK Gardenscapes Info:

  • Unlimited Stars

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

When you get tired, download and play Gardenscapes MOD APK to grow plants and decorate your own garden. With Unlimited Coins, the decoration of your garden is endless.

If you’ve got been playing Homescape – another Playrix Games product, you’ll be conversant in the gameplay of this game. Transformed into a boy who features a passion for farming and gardening, it’s your job to unravel the match-3 puzzles to gather coins and stars. Coins and stars are tools for you to revive and re-decorate the garden, and are also the 2 most vital units you would like to realize through completing missions.

Where you reside may be a large city, crowded streets and traffic never seem to prevent . you begin dreaming of planting trees during a large space outside your narrow window. And until at some point , you receive a letter from Mr. Austin, the housekeeper of your uncle’s family …

He has been abroad for quite while , and his range in the countryside features a vast garden that has long been unoccupied. Knowing you’re keen on gardening, your uncle asked the Austin housekeeper to send you invitations to require care of his garden. So you’re taking care of it. But he also went an extended time, nobody care garden so it should be ruined, perhaps you’ll need to do from scratch again. But don’t worry, Mr. Austin will helping you.

Playrix Games always adhere to its own design rule, which is to form things so cute and true, and Gardenscapes is not any exception. the sport is meant on a 3D platform, providing high realism in each image. additionally , the sport makes every detail is cute and bright, suitable for relaxation.

You may notice small butterflies hovering round the flowers or the small dog’s activity within the garden, and Austin’s housekeeper’s gesture is additionally very real and funny.

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