Train Taxi MOD APK 1.4.7 (Unlimited Coins)


Name Train Taxi
Publisher SayGames
Version 1.4.7 (Latest)
Size 34 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Requires Android 4.1 and up

Train Taxi v1.4.5.apks

Train Taxi v1.4.7 MOD.apk

A perfect combination of classic Thinking Snake game and Pacman game has produced a super fun game. That is Train Taxi MOD APK (Unlimited Coins), an extremely fun game of the publisher SayGames. You will control the train along the winding roads. Arrive on time to pick up passengers, don’t be delayed. In transportation, being on time is extremely important. Become a smart driver and responsible in this game.

Simple gameplay

Similar to Thinking Snakes game, Train Taxi allows you to control trains throughout the roads. More precisely the labyrinth. Those roads are twisted and winding, it is very difficult to go. In addition, you have to make sure that the train does not crash into its carriages. In each level, you depart with a train and start the task of picking up passengers. After finishing the passengers and the train is still intact, you will complete the level.

Besides, Train Taxi has many levels of play from easy to difficult for players to conquer. In addition, after several levels, there will be special games that allow you to collect golden keys. Collecting all 3 golden keys will help open the room filled with treasure. These treasures bring a huge amount of money. Do not miss it!

However, it’s not as easy as you think! Although starting with a train, but every time you pick up more passengers, the train will expand a new carriage. At that time, the train will become longer and more difficult to control. Like a maze, the higher the level, the more complicated roads. Meanwhile, moving normally is also a challenge for the most talented drivers.


Every time you complete a mission or a level, you will earn coins. In addition, when you achieve a certain achievement, you will enter the reward level. That’s where instead of passengers, it’s gold coins scattered on the tracks. More specifically, in the random level, you can find the treasure by finding the key as I said. The treasure will bring more coins and items. All gold coins in Train Taxi are only used to unlock new trains. The trains with new and beautiful colors will bring a lot of excitement to you.

Play with calm, skillful

Anyway, Train Taxi is still a simple and light game. In fact, passing one level is not too difficult. Just be calm and a little skillful to control the train safely. The game does not apply strict rules like time limits or paths. Observe to recognize dead ends or paths to the carriage. Keep calm if you don’t want to crash into the wall. And don’t be too frustrated when you fail. Repeated play will help you adapt and be much easier the next time.

The game brings me practical lessons. When participating in real-life traffic, sometimes quickly does not solve the problem. Be so alert and smart! As a good driver, you certainly don’t want your trip to be delayed. But safety is still the number one priority right?

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