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Plague Inc MOD APK 1.17.1 (Unlocked All)

Name Plague Inc
Package com.miniclip.plagueinc
Category Simulation
Version 1.17.1 (Latest)
Size 73 MB
MOD Features MOD Unlocked All
Requires Android

Plague Inc v1.17.1.apks

Plague Inc v1.17.1 MOD.apk

Plague Inc (MOD Unlock All) this is an earth simulation game. The game was developed by This is not a strange publisher, this is a very famous publisher in the world with extremely famous and worth playing games such as 8 Ball Pool, Archery King, Bowmasters, …

Simulation our earth

In Plague Inc you play a villain and intend to destroy the human race on earth. This is the opposite of other games that direct players to confront evil enemies. You play as a villain and spread germs all over the world. Your task is to poison all humanity with the virus that you create and become a biological terrorist terrorist that fears fear.

The game consists of 3 levels are hard, medium and easy. For example, in easy mode, people do not have hygienic activities, doctors are lazy in studying remedies, etc. Or in difficult mode, everyone has a high awareness of disease prevention. Research laboratories are constantly working to find drugs.

Evolve your virus

While the world is on alert you need to do a lot of work. Because when germs spread, they kill so many people, and then governments, scientists, research organizations will try to find the cure for your virus. At this point, you need to use your mind to improve the pathogen, causing difficulties in their research. You can read the daily newspaper to find out what you need to improve on the virus you create.

Create a new virus

Pathogens are always divided into different types such as bacteria, viruses, parasites … they all have different advantages and disadvantages. Your board will start with bacteria because you are a new player so it is very suitable for you, it spreads very fast but it is very easy to be controlled and cured

Plague Inc owns a very detailed parameter that makes it easy to track the status and data of pathogens. Not only displays the parameters of the pathogen, but the game screen also displays the number of deaths, the process of creating vaccines to fight your germs. The more complex the germ, the harder it is to create a cure. But it requires a lot of your knowledge if you want to try it with a higher difficulty level.

Intuitive interface

Plague Inc has a nice and easy to use graphics which is a great advantage of the game, and in the game there is a very detailed player guide.


Plague Inc. this is really one of the best simulation games I see with over 50 million downloads on Google Play. Download this game to your phone via the link below the article. Spread the disease and become the boss of the whole world.

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