PetrolHead: Traffic Quests MOD APK 1.6.0 (Unlimited Money)


Name PetrolHead: Traffic Quests
Package com.lethe.petrolhead
Publisher Lethe Studios
Version 1.6.0 (Latest)
Size 438 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.4 and up

PetrolHead v1.6.0 MOD.apk

PetrolHead v1.6.0 MOD

Become a professional driver in PetrolHead: Traffic Quests MOD APK (Unlimited Money), the latest driving simulation game on Google Play by Lethe Studios. Download and install this game via the links below this article.

Introduce about PetrolHead: Traffic Quests


Welcome to PetrolHead: Traffic Quests. The game has a virtual city for you to learn how to control your car. Despite being in the racing category, PetrolHead’s gameplay is more in the direction of simulation games. There is no opponent, no pressure on time, you need to drive the car, obey the traffic rules and bring your car to the parking lot safely.

If you think this game is easy, then you seem to be wrong. I think you need a bit of real-world driving experience if you want to get off to a good start with PetrolHead: Traffic Quests.

Career/multiplayer mode

Career mode is like a coach to help you become a professional driver. Complete the game’s journey (park in the parking lot) to complete the level. Each of your actions is strictly controlled. If you pass a red light or do not turn on signal when turning, the game immediately displays a notice below the screen, and subtract your points. You also get points for doing something good, such as wearing a seatbelt, travelling in the right lane and traffic lights. If you use up your points, the game is over.

If you are a free person and don’t like the rules, choose Online mode. Here, you are free to drive the car and see the city through the glass window. You can optionally perform drift techniques, drive through a red light, cause accidents without fear of being fined. Moreover, the game allows you to create rooms and play with your friends. If you play alone, you can play against any online player. In particular, you can create cute emotions while driving too!

360 degree camera

This is one of the outstanding features of PetrolHead: Traffic Quests that I have not seen in any simulation game before. The game allows you to rotate the screen to change the viewing angle while you are driving. Using your two fingers to rotate the direction, you can look forward, back, left and right. This feature is very important when you back the car, you can see the back freely instead of using fixed cameras like previous games.

If you use the view from behind the steering wheel, this feature helps to increase realism.

Control interface

Regarding the interface, PetrolHead: Traffic Quests has an elegant interface that helps players easily manipulate on mobile screens. On the left of the screen is a steering wheel (or arrow). The right side of the screen includes keys such as starter, seat belt, car number, foot brake, accelerator. The keys for the horn and turn signals are located in the center of the bottom of the screen.

PetrolHead offers players 3 types of controls including virtual steering wheel, tilting device and arrow. You can change this in settings.


If you love cars, the garage of PetrolHead: Traffic Quests will make you excited. The cars are modelled after real-world famous brands such as Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche, even though they don’t have the company logo.

PetrolHead vehicle system is also divided into categories such as Sport, Suv, Luxury, Classic, Supersport, Leaderboard, Sedan.

Accessing Workshop section in the garage, you can upgrade accessories or change paint color for your cars. A car with a good engine will provide a better performance, making it easier to control. The reality of the game allows you to feel that clearly.

One point I do not like

PetrolHead: Traffic Quests is the first driving simulation game to apply the fueling feature to each vehicle. That means each of your cars is limited to the number of times played. Every time you run out of fuel, you need to wait 10 minutes for a Fuel Unit or buy a fuel pack in cash.

I feel uncomfortable with this feature, it accidentally causes more pressure when I play career mode. It’s not fun when you just failed, then have to wait 10 minutes for the next time.


The last advantage I want to mention in this article is the graphics, one of the factors that determines the success of a racing game. With advanced graphics technology, PetrolHead easily conquers even the most demanding players with sharp images and realistic effects. There is no lag in the way you control. Try setting the Resolution and Graphic Quality to highest and enjoy the game’s graphics technology.

Besides, you also enjoy exciting music on your journey.

MOD APK version of PetrolHead: Traffic Quests

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Unlock and upgrade your cars with the money available in the MOD version.

How to install PetrolHead MOD APK + OBB

  1. First, make sure you remove the original version if you installed it from Google Play.
  2. Download the APK and OBB files via the link below the article.
  3. Unzip the file “”.
  4. Copy the “com.lethe.petrolhead” folder to the “Android/obb” folder.
  5. Install the APK file of the MOD version.

– Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
– Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

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