Minecraft MOD APK (BETA) (Unlocked Premium Skins)

Name Minecraft
Package com.mojang.minecraftpe
Publisher Mojang
Version (BETA) (Latest)
Size 150 MB
MOD Features MOD Unlocked Premium Skins
Requires Android 2.3 and up

Minecraft v1.16.100.59.apk

Minecraft v1.16.100.59 MOD.apk

Minecraft (MOD Unlocked Skins) is a survival strategy game genre released by Mojang. Initially called the Cave Game, the game was changed to Minecraft Order. The last stone was changed to Minecraft. This is an interesting game inspired by some other titles that are Infiniminer, and Roller Coaster Tycoon. Let’s find out the interesting of this game…

Unique game title:

In Minecraft you will be a character in a vast world you are free to do what you like. You will face the wild world and many different terrains. Players will meet many creatures you can eat or make products such as beef, chicken, sheep and fish.

In the game, there is day and night in a certain cycle, each cycle is 20 minutes in real time. Minecraft allows players to use tools to dig blocks to create different materials and collect many things. After collecting you can build everything you want according to your own creativity. This is one of the interesting points of Minecraft that attracts millions of players around the world.

Minecraft is modeled as real life, so you have to search for food because you can be hungry, you can reclaim and sow seeds to harvest food.In addition, you can build an animal farm or take materials to make clothes and other things.

In the game there are game modes after survival mode, creative mode, and super hard mode.

  • Survival mode: You must search for resources, build, search for food, be attacked by monsters, you need to create weapons to attack and destroy monsters. When killing them you will gain experience as many experience points are able to create stronger armor.
  • Creative mode: Unlike survival mode, in this mode you have all the resources and tools, you can create your own world with great works to do everything you like without it. attacked by monsters.
  • Super difficult mode: In this mode quite similar to survival mode. But the difference is that the player only has one network, if he dies, the game ends up unable to return, which makes it interesting and suspenseful.

Graphics of the game:

The special thing of Minecraft is that everything in the game is made up of 3D blocks with different materials such as wood, stone, gold, water … In the game, there are about 36 million square blocks.

If you want to experience the game in the real world, you can use it with AR technology and Minecraft Earth

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