Kung Fu Z MOD APK 1.9.19 (Unlimited Money)


Name Kung Fu Z
Package com.tinytitanstudios.kfz
Publisher Tiny Titan Studios
Category Arcade
Version 1.9.19 (Latest)
Size 50 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.1 and up

Kung Fu Z v1.9.19.apk

Kung Fu Z v1.9.19 MOD.apk

Download Kung Fu Z MOD APK and join the zombie fight with Zak, a brave guy who loves martial arts.

Introduce about Kung Fu Z

Today, you can be a superhero to save the world in Kung Fu Z. This is a retro-style martial arts action game of publisher Tiny Titan Studios, where you can use the martial arts skills of Chinese Kung Fu to defeat the powerful and crazy Zombie army. Certainly, many people here once watched the movie Kung Fu Panda. With top martial arts skills, the character has brought us deep impressions. I bet I when watched that scene, many viewers really wanted to learn martial arts and become heroes.

The story

The story of Kung Fu Z revolves around the main character, a passionate martial arts guy, Zak. It happened on a quiet and beautiful autumn morning, Zak was meditating was suddenly attacked by a bunch of zombies. Before he can calm down, he also realized that the whole city was surrounded and destroyed by the zombies. The weak people cannot protect themselves and turn into zombies in turn. The reason is that a dangerous virus spread by Dr Z.

With the plot to dominate the world with zombies, Dr Z is ready to destroy all humanity. The Zak guy with a noble martial arts spirit, he reluctantly becomes a hero. With his fists, legs and intelligence, could he save the world from the evil doctor’s plot?


Entering the martial arts world of kungfu, you play as the guy Zak with a great love for martial arts. Contrary to zombie games like Fury Survival: Pixel Z, you have to fight zombies with martial arts instead of using weapons like guns and grenades. This can be a bad idea if the zombie epidemic actually happens because there are too many risks if you let zombies get close. In just one second of distraction, you may be bitten by zombies and join their cannibal club.

Kung Fu Z brings the ultimate martial arts performance with the “1vs100” battles. In fact, it is not that you want to fight hundreds of enemies alone to bring a glorious victory, but it is because of the huge number of enemies. They are very crowded and aggressive! Imagine stretching along the streets are bloodthirsty zombies who always want to eat your brain. There is no other way, you have to stand up and fight. The spirit of true martial arts learner is not to step back.

Not only are the numbers large, but giant bosses will also appear. They are much more powerful and have big blood. So you are forced to fight nonstop to overcome this challenge. Although it is very difficult, when you rescue the world, you will be honoured as a saviour of humanity.

Become a Kungfu master

In order to defeat the living corpses in the fierce battles of Kung Fu Z, you must become a Kungfu master with mastery skills. But first, you have to understand the basic operations. To perform the action, the player only needs to touch the screen and the character will attack in that direction. At the bottom of the screen are buttons that activate special skills. There are many special moves you can use. Can mention the great kicking skills such as Flying Uppercut, Superman Punch or Hurricane Kick, … These are beautiful skills, demonstrating the superior martial arts level of players. Using them at the right time will bring about unexpected results.

In intense battles, pay attention to the enemy’s HP bar. Defeat all low-level enemies, avoiding them from doing more damage to you. On the way, sometimes there are items help you increase power or healing. Special skills that cause massive damage, but it has a cooldown. Consider carefully when using them in combination with skills to bring magical and perfect combos.

However, to get that equipment is not easy. You must have lots of gold coins to buy as well as upgrade them. Some items still require a level, but sometimes, having money is probably not all but having money is still better. Gold coins fall a lot when defeating zombies, only you have to go through them to collect before disappearing. In the store there are countless other combat support items for you, so make lots of gold coins and don’t miss a single coin.


Kung Fu Z’s graphics really match the storyline of the game. With retro-style pixel graphics that are new and beautiful, the battles in the game become extremely unique and the quality of martial arts peaks. The figure is quite eye-catching with many interfaces with perfect skill effects. You can hear screams of Kungfu master. Experience the game very authentic and feel like you are watching the classic martial arts movies of legendary Bruce Lee.


In Kung Fu Z, you can upgrade your hero with lots of interesting equipment. A variety of outfits such as shirts, jeans and hats. There are countless models of these outfits. You can turn Zak into many characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Bruce Lee, ….. This is the first time you admire the perfect combination of Chinese Kung Fu combined with many genres such as street hip-hop, magician or ninja, … Each style brings many beautiful and powerful combos.

MOD APK version of Kung Fu Z

MOD features

Unlimited Money: Coins and diamonds are the two main currencies of the game. With the MOD version of APKMODY, you don’t need to worry about money. The money will increase when you use.

No Skill Cooldown: You can use the skill continuously.

– Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
– Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

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