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  • Forest
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  • 4.71.2
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  • Seekrtech
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  • Android 5.0+


Forest is an application that helps you regain your ability to practice at work and study through a cute and lively timer that integrates meaningful tree planting activities.

About Forest

Forest is a unique and innovative mobile application designed to help users overcome distractions, increase productivity, and promote digital well-being. Developed by SEEKRTECH CO., LTD., this popular app has gained recognition for its creative approach to time management and its positive impact on users’ lives. In this detailed description, we will explore the features, functionalities, benefits, and the notable role that Forest plays in helping individuals reclaim their focus in an increasingly digital world.

Digital Tree Planting

The core feature of Forest is the concept of “digital tree planting.” Users start a timer within the app to stay focused on a task. During this time, a virtual tree begins to grow on their screen. If they exit the app or access certain blacklisted apps, the tree will wither and die.

Customizable Blacklist

Users can create a blacklist of distracting apps and websites that they want to avoid while using Forest. This feature helps them maintain their concentration and avoid digital distractions.

Focus Sessions

Forest encourages users to work in focused time intervals, typically 25 minutes long, followed by a 5-minute break. This technique, known as the Pomodoro Technique, has been proven to boost productivity.

Statistics and Insights

The app provides users with detailed statistics about their productivity and focus. Users can track their daily, weekly, and monthly performance, helping them identify patterns and areas for improvement.

Rewards System

As users complete focus sessions, they earn virtual coins that can be used to unlock new tree species or support real tree planting initiatives. This gamification element motivates users to stay focused and productive.

Whitelist Mode

Forest offers a “whitelist” mode for users who prefer to block all apps and websites except those explicitly designated as productive. This approach is particularly effective for eliminating all distractions.

Tags and Categories

Users can categorize their tasks and focus sessions with tags, making it easier to organize and track different types of work.

Deep Focus Mode

The app includes a “deep focus” feature where users can extend their focus sessions beyond the standard 25 minutes for a more immersive work experience.

Cross-Device Synchronization

Forest often offers cross-device synchronization, allowing users to track their progress and maintain a consistent focus routine across multiple devices.

Improved Focus and Productivity

Forest’s unique concept of digital tree planting incentivizes users to stay on task and avoid distractions. This approach significantly improves focus and overall productivity.

Enhanced Digital Well-being

By creating a virtual barrier against distracting apps and websites, Forest promotes healthier digital habits, reducing screen time and enhancing users’ digital well-being.

Positive Reinforcement

The rewards system in Forest, including virtual coins and tree planting, reinforces productive behavior and makes work feel more rewarding.

Goal Achievement

Users can set specific goals and track their progress using the app’s statistics and insights. This goal-oriented approach can help individuals achieve their objectives more efficiently.


The gamification aspect of Forest adds an element of fun and competition to productivity, motivating users to stay engaged and consistently use the app.

Time Management

Forest encourages users to implement effective time management techniques, such as the Pomodoro Technique, which has proven to be an efficient way to structure work and breaks.

Cultural Impact

Forest has had a notable cultural impact by addressing the growing concerns around digital addiction and screen time. In an era where digital distractions are ubiquitous, the app has played a pivotal role in encouraging individuals to take control of their digital habits and be more mindful of their online activities.

The app has garnered a community of users who share their success stories, tips, and experiences with using Forest to overcome digital distractions. This sense of community has fostered discussions on the importance of digital well-being and the benefits of adopting a more focused and mindful approach to work and study.

Forest’s rewards system, which includes the real-world impact of tree planting, has raised awareness about environmental issues and sustainability. Many users appreciate the app’s dual benefit of enhancing productivity and contributing to a greener planet.


Forest stands as a powerful and innovative solution to the modern challenges of digital distractions and productivity. Its unique approach to time management, reinforced by digital tree planting and rewards, has resonated with users looking to improve their focus, productivity, and overall digital well-being. Forest’s cultural impact is evident in the growing awareness of the importance of mindful screen time and its positive effects on work and study habits. As it continues to evolve and inspire individuals to embrace a more focused and mindful approach to their digital lives, Forest remains a valuable tool for those seeking to cultivate better digital habits and enhance their overall well-being.

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Forest is an effective, highly practical application that you should save to your computer and use from today to ensure absolute focus on work and study. Performance comes from hours of quality focus. Don’t let a single moment of distraction disturb your life.