• name
  • Eternium
  • file size
  • 136 MB
  • version
  • 1.7.9
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Making Fun
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Diamond
  • requires
  • Android 4.0 and up


Eternium Mod APK is a fun and engaging game that offers fantasy game fans a rich and immersive experience.

About Eternium

Eternium is an immersive and action-packed role-playing game (RPG) that takes players on an epic journey through a fantastical world filled with adventure, magic, and intense battles. Developed by Making Fun, the game offers a rich and engaging gameplay experience with its captivating storyline, stunning visuals, and deep customization options.

Engaging Storyline

Eternium features an engaging and immersive storyline that unfolds as players embark on a heroic quest. Discover the secrets of the magical world and uncover the truth behind the ancient prophecies. Encounter intriguing characters, engage in meaningful dialogues, and make impactful choices that shape the course of the narrative.

Intuitive Controls

The game offers intuitive touch controls that make it easy to navigate through the vibrant landscapes and engage in fast-paced combat. Move your character effortlessly with a virtual joystick and execute powerful attacks with simple swipe gestures. The intuitive controls ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience on mobile devices.

Dynamic Combat System

Eternium features an action-packed combat system that keeps players on their toes. Engage in real-time battles against hordes of enemies, utilizing a wide range of weapons, spells, and abilities. Unleash devastating combos, perform special attacks, and strategically time your abilities to overpower your foes. The dynamic combat system adds depth and excitement to every encounter.

Character Customization

Create your hero by choosing from multiple classes, each with its unique playstyle and abilities. Customize your character’s appearance, select their gender, and equip them with a variety of weapons, armor, and accessories. As you progress, unlock new skills, talents, and abilities to further specialize and tailor your character to your preferred combat style.

Loot and Crafting System

Explore the vast world of Eternium and discover a plethora of loot, including rare and powerful items. Collect equipment, weapons, and artifacts that enhance your character’s abilities and stats. Use the game’s crafting system to forge and upgrade your gear, making your character even more formidable in battles.

Multiplayer Co-op

Join forces with friends and other players from around the world in the multiplayer co-op mode. Team up in epic multiplayer battles, tackle challenging dungeons together, and defeat powerful bosses as a group. Coordinate strategies, share resources, and experience the thrill of cooperative gameplay.

Beautiful Graphics and Sound

Eternium boasts stunning graphics that bring the fantastical world to life. From lush forests to eerie dungeons, the game’s environments are beautifully rendered, creating an immersive and visually pleasing experience. The enchanting sound effects and musical score further enhance the atmosphere, drawing players deeper into the game’s world.

Free to Play

Eternium offers a free-to-play experience with optional in-app purchases. Players can progress through the game and enjoy its content without spending money. In-app purchases provide convenience and additional customization options but are not required to fully experience and enjoy the game.

Regular Updates and Content

The developers of Eternium are dedicated to providing regular updates and new content to keep the game fresh and exciting. Expect new quests, areas to explore, gear to obtain, and gameplay features to be added in future updates, ensuring that the game remains engaging and evolving.

Eternium offers a captivating RPG experience for players seeking adventure, combat, and a compelling storyline. With its immersive world, dynamic combat system, character customization, and multiplayer co-op, the game provides hours of entertainment and exploration. Dive into the epic journey of Eternium and discover the secrets of the magical realm.

MOD APK version of Eternium

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Diamond