• name
  • Eggy Party
  • file size
  • 2 GB
  • version
  • 1.0.66
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • NetEase
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android


Coming from the developer NetEase, the publisher of the popular mobile game Genshin Impact, Eggy Party (released by The 4 Winds Entertainment), has even more remarkable initial achievements, marking the trend of role-playing in modern games.

About this game

Inspired by the trend of competition in classic arcade games, NetEase Games after the huge success of Genshin Impact has released a new game, completely different from the previous style. Eggy Party since its launch has quickly gained a huge number of players.

One of the other reasons why Eggy Party attracts attention from newcomers and maintains its existing player base is due to a series of recurring and unannounced events. For example, in the Spring Festival, there are new maps and new characters.

These moves show the level of dynamism, serious investment, and also the long-term future potential of the game. Plus the name of the developer, and publisher, Eggy Party so conquers more and more new players of all ages. Even if you’re a loyal player, the constant addition of new content means that every time you come back, you always have something new to explore and try. The playing, therefore, lasts indefinitely.


Eggy Party exploits the typical battle royale RPG genre but blends in many combat elements, and direct drama in the classic arcade style. This strange mix gave the game a different color, much different from the ones currently on the market.

Your mission in Eggy Party is to compete online with many other players on different maps. All must strive to reach the goal, overcome, crush the opponent, and overcome many obstacles. Along the way, with countless quirky, funny situations that can happen, you will have to choose different movements of the character Egg you are controlling to reach the final goal.

In short, playing Eggy Party you have to skillfully control obstacles and overcome the chase screen of other players to become the first to finish.

The crazy world of eggs

Does the gameplay of Eggy Party sound like a racing game? Not? Please don’t misunderstand. Eggy Party’s frantic party world uses the sharp, round, lumpy bodies of eggs as a “vehicle” to fight and move.

What does this mean? It is you who runs to the finish line, it is you who jumps over obstacles or crushes opponents.

Remember to avoid unpredictable traps on the way. A door toppled over, a fan spun, a floor suddenly flipped… A series of random, non-repeating traps pop up on every map, can you dodge them all without moving?

Don’t miss any useful items on the way. You have bombs, freezing tools, electric shockers, and even the legendary fart move. Witness all the crazy, naughty ideas coming to the developer’s station in this game, you will understand why it is so popular.

To do all these dynamic activities, Eggy Party has been equipped with a super responsive control system. Each run, dive, or dive toward the opponent creates dramatic, engaging, and relaxing climaxes on the screen. Eggy Party can be said to be a comfortable, chaotic clash. And you, of course, will feel psychological relief, and extreme stress relief after these races.

Organize your own party

Eggy Party also offers the Self-Create feature, design your own racetrack. You’ll head to the Eggy Workshop to create your own exclusive levels, turning your racetrack into an unmatched work of art. Then indulge yourself in your obstacle course with what’s just been creative. Or freely invite friends and other players to join your race to determine victory or defeat.

In the opposite direction, you can also participate in the race designed by other players. The experience is therefore always rich, unpredictable, and endlessly long-lasting.

Graphics and sound

All the characters in the game Eggy Party are funny eggs. They come in all colors, shapes, and patterns. Facial expressions are also extremely diverse. It is difficult to describe in detail, but as an Eggy Party player, you will certainly be attracted by the beautiful 3D graphic design, natural character lines, rich expressions, bright and vibrant tones, and funny gestures.

Along with cheerful animations, colorful worlds, and tons of amazing animations created by many lovable egg characters, Eggy Party is also impressed by the bustling sound of the game.

With each movement on the screen, you always hear the corresponding excited, happy sounds. Each phase of collision, acceleration, overtaking, jumping, launching, and crushing opponents is accompanied by bustling melodies and a more distinctive sound than usual. It is this careful attention to both visuals and audio that makes Eggy Party one of the most dynamic, bustling, and beautiful visuals in mobile battle royale games.

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