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The Android version of the classic shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the sport called CSGO Mobile is now officially released by Valve Corporation.

There are 5 sorts of moves in CSGO Mobile, including jumping, sitting, walking, standing and running. especially , walking slowly helps you not reveal footstep sound when moving. additionally to helping you get past some obstacles or jump to some better position to aim, jumping also helps you to seem unexpectedly to the opponent’s awper. However, once you shoot while jumping (jump shot), your firing ability isn’t high.

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If we only look with the eye , we will see that there’s few lot of difference between CSGO Mobile and its original version on PC. Environments, people, guns, everything are designed with sharp and detailed 3D graphics through Unreal Engine technology. Movement and viewing angle is comparatively smooth, making it easy to regulate on the screen of a mobile device. These factors greatly affect the standard of your shooting, therefore the game always tries to optimal to the utmost.