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Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK is a visual novel game of the publisher Crazy Maple Studio. This game is for those that are trying to find their love because this game includes romantic love stories.

Choose your own love story

Compared to My Dog Girlfriend and My Nurse Girlfriend (with only one story), Chapters: Interactive Stories has an enormous collection of stories divided into many different categories. Do you love a romantic story about a girl and guy who is her brother’s friend? The love story between a nerd guy and his best friend since childhood? Or even a normal girl and a CEO of a big company? All are in this game.

The gameplay of visual novel games isn’t too complicated. you’ll pass each chapter during a very relaxing way, that just like the way you’re enjoying a completely unique . Chapters: Interactive Stories are told with pictures and features of the most character. you’ve got to assist him (or her) find ways to flirt and seduce your dream man.

In addition to romantic love stories, Chapters: Interactive Stories is additionally very suitable for fashion followers. Before starting the sport , you’re allowed to customize the looks , clothes, hairstyle, complexion for the character. And when your character attends an occasion or party, you still choose costumes to suit that event. Although the character’s costumes don’t affect the plot considerably , confidence through appearance can assist you have more unique ideas.