NCSoft, a Korean game development company, has released Blade & Soul 2 APK, part 2 of the globally popular MMORPG. Immediately after the official announcement from the publisher, it attracted millions of people to pre-register.

Is Blade & Soul 2 worth playing?

Following the success after the launch of Blade & Soul, NCSoft has announced the project for part 2 from 2018 including video game and gameplay trailer. But now, Blade & Soul has disappointed players quite a lot when the game released a lot of new features and caused the mechanism to change to “pay to win”.


When participating in the game, you will meet familiar characters again. But Blade & Soul 2 only has 3 instead of 4-character classes like in the previous part. First of all, Jin – Human race, they are known for their tireless efforts. Next is Gon – Dragon race, they believe that their ancestors were born from Dragons, so they are always proud of their origin. Finally, Lyn – Spirit Race, are girls with a small and lovely appearance.


Blade & Soul 2 has a different gameplay from part 1, which is something that gamers did not expect. Instead of continuing to develop the old gameplay, NCSoft decided to create a whole new gameplay. The character’s moves are simplified to reduce the difficulty and easy to manipulate. At the same time, they reduced their dodging skills and focused more on combat mechanics.

But that doesn’t mean the game will be extremely easy, you need to focus and dodge the boss’s attacks and skills. Then, unleash moves or combine skills at the same time to maximize damage and take down opponents quickly. In addition, the developer also added an auto system to the game so that new players can easily get used to it.

Enhance character’s strength

As a game of the MMORPG genre, the level system, equipment… is indispensable. When you first join the game, you need to complete missions and level up as quickly as possible to open up new features to help you become stronger. Regarding the equipment system at the beginning, you can completely forge specialized equipment for your character yourself. All materials can be obtained from main and side quests.