Option to disable Stop button with in Auto Stop mode
Modified lead in option

A sophisticated app for testing groups and for advanced individual testing. Please take some time to examine it (video at https://youtu.be/AEgrekcjcUI). Do a few test runs before going live with it.

It is an enhanced version of the free basic Beep Test app available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rudy.android.beep.

In addition to all that Beep Test has to offer, Beep Test Pro provides the following:

– Save Results. You can save test results
– Multiple Users, large group. See https://goo.gl/oO9aKT
— Switch between “Enclosure” and “Name” mode
— Import names… sdCard, Cloud [Gdrive]
– Enhanced Voice Cues
– Practise options — skip levels, loop a level
– Photo. Snap a “linked” photo
– Sort Results. By Name, VO2Max or Date
– View progress … graphically, too
– Export Results… by email
– Paste-Special directly into GoogleSheet.
— Or load into other spreadsheets
– Super-accurate timings
– Option to run first level at 8 kph
– Option to run 15 meter lap (default 20)
– Skip levels … may help with specific training

Work out, stay fit, enjoy life more!

Caution: Audio. There are tens of thousands of Android phone variants. Invariably, the odd one has issues. Validate audio (incl. Bluetooth) using the free version.

            Download APK
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