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Lucky Patcher APK – Original Version 8.9.3 (Latest Update)

Name Lucky Patcher
Publisher ChelpuS
Category Tools
Version 8.9.3 (Latest)
Size 8 MB
MOD Features No MOD
Requires Android 2.3 and up

Lucky Patcher v8.9.3.apk

Lucky Patcher v8.7.4 MOD Color.apk

Lucky Patcher v8.7.1 MOD Lite.apk

Lucky Patcher APK is one of the most popular applications for Android. This application is a magic tool, allowing users to perform many tasks, which not possible for a normal user. Such as deleting in-app ads, changing app permissions, deleting system apps, buying in-app free …

Normally, we don’t need Lucky Patcher. But imagine that you just downloaded a great game but are limited characters, items, and resources that need to be unlocked. To unlock them, you have to spend money to buy through the Google Play payment gateway. But at this point, you are broke?

Apparently, the developers who write games/apps also need to make money. But sometimes there’s no other way, that is when you need to use Lucky Patcher.

Features of Lucky Patcher

Incredibly, this app can do so many things that you really need it. It is also updated regularly to support most current Android phones and various games & apps.

MOD and crack the game easily

Not only remove Lucky Patcher ads, you can MOD / Crack many games easily and own a lot of gold and gems in the game using a special feature called Custom Patch. However, the custom Patch feature is not applicable for all games. Only a few games apply this way.

Lucky Patcher has a regularly updated list of Custom Patches, you can refer to the supported games so that Custom Patch can be applied inside the application you are using.

Remove and block annoying ads

Currently, Android games or applications often integrate AdMob ads. It’s frustrating when you’re playing so focused that the ad suddenly appears that interrupts your progress.

But with Lucky Patcher you can completely remove annoying ads in any application easily.

Free purchase inside the app

Thanks to Lucky Patcher you do not need to waste money to buy in-game items. Just have Lucky Patcher and you can buy your favorite items without recharging the game. Interesting is not it.

Skip license verification

On Google Play not all apps are free. Paid apps have a protection mechanism called license verification, even if you have an existing APK, you won’t be able to run them even if you own it. By bypassing Lucky Patcher license verification, you can run paid applications even without buying them.

Buy a free paid app

Lucky Patcher can also bypass the payment process on Google Play, you can buy paid applications without losing any money. Great

Delete and modify the permissions of the application

Some apps or games have a suspicious right to harm your device and data. Such as an offline game but requires internet connection? Please remove any unwanted permissions from your application.

Create cloned apps

Lucky Patcher also supports users to copy applications on their phones. It is very simple and easy to use

Switches in Lucky Patcher

The switch is part of Lucky Patcher, including other utility features that do not belong to the main features. Basically, Switch helps you automate tasks related to application management, including:

Automatically move apps to SD card
Automatically move apps into device memory
Automatically update system applications
Automatically APK backup to install and update apps
Emulate to verify Google license
Google payment emulation


Simple, safe, easy to use, this is a great application for Android devices. I often play games on Google Play, this app has helped me MOD a lot of games. Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool for you to modify app permissions, MOD games, remove ads and in-app purchases.

– Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
– Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

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