Little Panda Policeman APK


Name Little Panda Policeman
Package com.sinyee.babybus.policemen
Publisher BabyBus Kids Games
Version (Latest)
Size 86 MB
MOD Features No
Requires Android 4.2 and up

Little Panda Policeman v8.48.00.00.apks

Little Panda Policeman APK is an exciting simulation game for kids on Android phones. The game is a product of the BabyBus Kids Game – a well-known publisher who creates many good apps for children. Their software, applications are highly appreciated and trusted by parents about education and fun.

A game suitable for kids

In Little Panda Policeman, children will play cute and funny panda policemen. The mission of these panda police officers is to help people in the city whenever they encounter difficulties. Every time they need it, they will notify you by phone. The problems they encounter may be traffic jams, finding lost children or being robbed … At that time, young police officers need to be very smart and quick to complete the task. Each time the task is completed, the children will receive the reward badge. Then, point out the lessons for people to avoid similar cases.

In each different mission, the children will play the appropriate police. Each person will take on a particular job. Examples include traffic police, criminal police, special agents or security personnel. Help people and build peaceful societies.

Fun educational game

Contrary to the horror, fighting games, … can hurt the spirit of children. Little Panda Policeman really suits the development of children and is highly educational. Playing as good police will help children become good people, or help others. In addition, the tasks will help children forging logical thinking, the ability to explore and observe better. Moreover, every time the task is completed, the children will learn useful lessons. This helps a lot in developing awareness and acting properly for children.

In-game lessons and tips are educational and practical:

  • Protect yourself when in danger.
  • Ask for help from the police when you get lost or meet bad guys.
  • Implement safe traffic rules when crossing the road.
  • Pay attention to property and love small pets.
  • Remember emergency numbers and call when you need help.

Attractive features

Although it is a simple game, Little Panda Policeman is not boring for children. With very funny and lovely character shaping, they are like playing real officers. With equipment such as uniforms, handcuffs, whistles and special vehicles … Besides, each officer will be trained professionally to forging reasoning skills, defeating criminals, analyzing each case. All used to fight bad guys and help people in need

In addition, 3D game graphics are very light, harmonious colors will not affect children’s eyesight. Sound in the game like whistle, very lively police car sounds very interesting.

Parents should play with their kids

Although Little Panda Policeman is a game for preschoolers, this is an important stage may affect to aware of the world around. Parents can play games with their children to indirectly teach their children. Through useful lessons and positive actions, you will teach your child a lot of good and humanities. Moreover, it also helps parents and children closer and closer.

Indeed, children are now exposed to technology too soon. Therefore, malicious information on the Internet is easy to inject into negative thinking children. Those things can be horror, violence, bloody… will really affect children. Playing games with your children also contribute to controlling things that reach your children. Thereby, it will guide children to be a positive and healthy lifestyle. As a parent, does anyone not want to spend the best things for their children?

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