• name
  • AGAMA Car Launcher
  • file size
  • 10 MB
  • version
  • 3.0.4
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • mod features
  • Premium Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android 4.4 and up


Never before was the multimedia control in your car so comfortable. Meet the new car launcher AGAMA. All the most useful features and necessary information are just a click away

About AGAMA Car Launcher

AGAMA Car Launcher is an Android application designed to simplify the use of a smartphone while driving. It is a car dashboard app that provides a convenient and safe way to access various phone features and functions while on the road. The app features a clean and intuitive interface with large buttons and customizable widgets that can be easily accessed while driving.

User Interface

AGAMA Car Launcher features a user-friendly interface with a clean and modern design. The home screen of the app displays the time, date, and weather information along with quick access buttons to commonly used features such as music player, navigation, and phone calls. The user can customize the layout of the home screen and choose which widgets to display on the screen.

Customizable Widgets

AGAMA Car Launcher allows the user to customize the widgets on the home screen to their preference. Widgets such as speedometer, compass, and clock can be added or removed. The app also allows the user to set up custom shortcuts for frequently used apps, which can be accessed directly from the home screen.

Safety Features

AGAMA Car Launcher is designed with safety in mind. The app includes features that help to minimize distractions while driving. For instance, the app can automatically switch to the night mode when it detects low light conditions. This helps to reduce the glare from the screen and minimize distractions while driving at night.

Music and Video Player

AGAMA Car Launcher features a built-in music and video player that can be easily accessed from the home screen. The music player supports popular formats such as MP3, AAC, and FLAC. The app also features an equalizer and sound booster that enhances the audio quality of the music.

AGAMA Car Launcher integrates with popular navigation apps such as Google Maps, Waze, and Sygic. The app provides quick access buttons to launch the navigation app and start navigation to a pre-defined destination. The app also features a built-in speedometer and compass that helps the user to navigate more efficiently.

Voice Commands

AGAMA Car Launcher includes a voice command feature that allows the user to control the app using voice commands. The user can make calls, play music, and launch apps using voice commands. This feature helps to reduce distractions while driving and makes it easier to control the app while on the road.

Overall, AGAMA Car Launcher is a useful application for drivers who want a safer and more convenient way to use their smartphone while driving. The app provides a range of features and functions that help to minimize distractions and simplify the use of a smartphone while on the road. With its customizable widgets, safety features, music and video player, navigation, and voice command features, AGAMA Car Launcher is a must-have app for any driver.

MOD APK version of AGAMA Car Launcher

MOD feature

  • Premium Unlocked