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MOD Lite

  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (8.47 MB total apk size);

  • Based on Premium version;

  • Encrypted all resources;

  • Languages: En, Ru.

- PREMIUM features Unlocked

“PREMIUM features Unlocked | No patched credits watermarks”

Transitioning to a new filtering engine rarely goes smoothly, and we too faced quite a few problems. That was somewhat expected, so there was no need to panic — rather, a need to do a lot of work. Which we did! The CoreLibs themselves underwent an update to a new version; we fixed several crashes and network-related issues along the way, and even extended our tasker API. Now it’s your turn! Help us find more stuff to fix!

[Added] Extended Tasker API: proxy settings
Hopefully, you’ve already had a chance to test the new tasker API. This beta will give you something new to play with: proxy settings. Two new actions become available: proxy_state and proxy_default. The first one enables/disables the outbound proxy, the latter sets any of the previously configured proxies as default. More detailed description of these actions is in our KB article.

[Changed] If configured, outbound proxy must be used even if ad blocking is disabled for an app [Fixed] AdGuard does not use the fallback DNS server when the primary server times out
[Fixed] Protection doesn’t restart when changing mode of HTTPS filtering

[Added] Bulk change option for “HTTPS filtering” preference
[Changed] Hide export option when User filter is empty
[Fixed] “I agree with Terms” button is not visible if scale is enlarged in Android settings
[Fixed] The toggle button icon missing from the notification drawer on Huawei P10 Premium

[Added] An option to reset HTTPS filtering’s whitelist or blacklist to default
[Added] Hindi [hi-IN] localization
[Changed] Remove comments from HTTPS white/black list for CL configuration
[Changed] Start using ProcessHealthStats instead of scanning proc-stat for calculating AdGuard’s own battery usage
[Fixed] The app hangs when press cancel button in bulk change setting of apps management
[Fixed] HTTPS whitelist entries can’t be deleted if there is a request in search box
[Fixed] HTTPS whitelist entries not saving
[Fixed] Importing a backup from the stable version breaks DNS settings
[Fixed] Compatibility issues

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